Lose the Love Handles

John P.

Big MacWired Magazine (August 2006) reports that Autodesk founder (you know… AutoCAD) and Hacker’s Diet author, John Walker, claims you can lose 10 pounds in two months by simply eating less.

  1. Multiply the pounds you want to lose by the number of calories in a pound of fat: 10 x 3,500 = 35,000
  2. Divide the total by the days you’ll diet: 35,000 / 60 = 583
  3. Eat that many fewer calories each day.

Well, that doesn’t sound so bad now does it? Here are examples of what you need to give up to make that happen:

  • 4 cans of coke per day (150 x 4 = 600 calories)
  • 1 Big Mac per day (576 calories)
  • 1 Grande Starbucks Caffe Latte (260) and one Snickers Bar (273) per day

References: http://Calorie-count.com

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