Let Your PC Help Cure Cancer!

John P.

Did you know there are over 1,000,000 computers chained together across the Internet creating a giant super-computer attempting to break down the building blocks of proteins in order to find a cure for some of the world’s worst diseases. And you can join too!

Atomic Structure

The project, run by Stanford University, is called Folding@Home, and you can donate your computer’s spare processing power to the endeavor by installing this tiny little application which will quietly run in the background when you aren’t using your machine. They have versions for Windows, Linux and Mac and you can even set the application to run as a totally cool screensaver so you can see it at work.

I’ve started a team for this project, so if you decide to participate please enter my team number 51056 when you install the application. This will track all of our computational donations as one group and compare us to other groups as well.

My team name is HTMLHelp.com, obviously named after my other big project on the web.

Folks, I absolutely believe we live in the era in which mankind will cure cancer. Projects like this bring the kind of computational power to the table to turn this belief into a reality. Please don’t wait until someone you know if affected. It’s costs absolutely nothing to start contributing now.

Thanks for your support!



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