500 MPH Honda Private Jet Available Soon!

John P.

Honda JetFor the relatively minuscule price of $4,000,000, you’ll soon be able to park one of these babies in your personal driveway. Well, maybe if your drive way is about 1/4 of a mile long and has a hangar at the end of it. But that’s not the point… Honda is getting into the airplane business and they are doing it by launching the new HondaJet subsidiary.

This new jet has been in development for 20 years at Honda and the plans were almost scrapped but for the tenacity of chief engineer Michimasa Fujino. Honda claims that this plane will get at least 35% better fuel economy than it’s competitors, and the $4M price is actually quite cheap for a private jet.

hondajetThis plane will hold two pilots, five passengers and can travel 1,300 miles at up to 500 MPH. Now normally I’m not a small plane guy, but this looks like one I might very easily be persuaded to hop aboard. Especially if they didn’t strip search me and take away my toothpaste before they allowed me on board.

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