Rare Trees for Sale

John P.

Wollemi PineThe Wollemi pine tree is a rare species that dominated the southern hemisphere for over 100 million years. And when I say “rare” what I really mean is that it was thought to be extinct until 1994 when a hiker found a grove of about 100 of the plants in the middle of a one million acre wilderness area outside Sydney, Australia.

In order to help keep these trees alive, they have discovered a way to sell clippings from the trees which are now available for purchase from National Geographic for $100.

Wollemi pines majestically tower over their landscape, reaching heights of over 125 feet (38 meters). Considered “living fossils,” the trees or its relatives dominated the southern hemisphere for more than 100 million years. Once fertilized, female cones of the Wollemi pine take 18 months to ripen. The trees contain both male and female cones which grow on different branches.

So, if you want to do something good for the earth, plant a tree. And if you want to show off and have something very cool to brag about to your neighbors, plant a Wollemi or two. After all, it is a 100 million year old tradition.

By the way, these just came available in October and are in limited numbers, so get em while you can.

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