How Cocaine is Made

John P.

Making-CocaineThis is a fascinating video, created by a reporter living in Colombia named Matthew Bristow, documenting the process that cocaine goes through from the point at which it is a plant growing in the ground until it is refined enough to actually use as a drug.

They stop just short of the point that it gets sold to a drug trafficker or guerrilla – who further refine the drug.

I feel really bad for the guys in the video as they probably never even heard of the Internet, and as soon as the drug lords find out about the video they’ll be killed for sure. Heck, I can’t even believe that Matthew Bristow is still alive.

Matthew has a blog which documents tons of information about the Colombian drug wars. Much of it is sad, but also quite enlightening.

Here is another video demonstrating a vastly different method of making the cocaine:


  1. dave says

    nice blog, very informative. The cocaine making process is very hands on and many of the chemicals used to make it are very dangerous to the human body. The stuff will kill you in more ways than one.

  2. jay says

    I am 32 now, I grew up in Australia’s heroin capital at 13 years old I left my foster parents home to live with friends where I was introduced to smoking heroin. At first I didn’t like it but seeing my friends having a good time I felt left out, so now we were smoking “White” for fun a few times a month as we got it cheaper than most users, our use gradually increased over time until we started to sell it ourselves. A friend found out that his parents were dealers and they gave us jobs. All the while my drug use was growing, I didn’t use for fun anymore, I realised that the drug helped me through the day, took away my anxiety, depression, any negative feelings. I was hooked!! Then I was sent to juvenile detention after a police raid. God was I sick, my withdrawal symptoms were anything but pleasant, the mental anguish was just as bad as the physical, at this moment I was swearing black and blue I would never use again, but 2 weeks after release I was using again, this went on until I was 21 and smoked ice or meth for the first time, most people can guess how this went, I nearly ended up in a mental hospital from the. paranoid side effects, it was at this time that I turned to the needle because the police had made a few large heroin busts and decent heroin was very hard to find, and triple the price so smoking heroin was no longer an option. While injecting heroin one day I was given cocaine, I injected it and the rush near blew my head off, LOVED IT!! And I thought heroin was addictive. After getting out of jail at 24 I decided that I can’t use drugs occasionally, it was stop completely or end up dead or longer and longer sentences in jail. So I got help
    nd have been clean for 7 years. I still think about using, coke mostly. The addiction will never go away. Some people can get away with using coke or heroin occasionally but they are the lucky few. The rest of us will have our self control slowly eroded by these drugs and if you have a pre existing emotional or psychological problem then your brain is a breeding ground for addiction and once you are addicted the drugs will have done permanent damage. I believe the “no tolerance” policy is counter productive. It does more damage than good. Prescribed by a doctor and dispensed by a pharmacy is the way to go! SAY NO TO PROHIBITION Thanks for reading

    • paardhu says

      heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy u think that the drug u r using gives relief from negative feelings and depression is not correct but its an illusion

  3. Kyo says

    Thank you I was curious to how a plant turned into white powder, I do however want to know what they do after like in movies you see people cutting it up and mixing it.

    Just in case: I have no intension of making, using, selling, or touching Cocaine. Just feeding my curiosity.

  4. DJ says

    All you guys are crazy, some are idiots except chris, he actually made sense, some of you can really learn something from what he wrote, and do stop blaming others and start looking at yourselves!

  5. Pink theory says

    you fellows are talking about the King of Drugs which is the best thing ever god created.
    But ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..
    I wish I born in Columbia!

    • paardhu says

      the drug is not the best thing created by god.the best thing ever created by god is women.

      but the king of drugs is only the second option

  6. PeoplekillPeople says

    we are so smart. We can do all that plant processing to make money then what. Why do we exist. I really believe that the white man is the devil. That make the billions without doing none of this and latinos, blacks, others struggle

    • chris says

      Sorry to say, but I have yet to purchase cocaine from agh hmm, a white devil. Although, I am a white devil, all the coca I’ve aver used was bought from black devils, and my heroin came from latinos. White devils do seem to have the best marijuana to my recollection. Not to piss you off, but when in prison I would quite frequently ask the question “So, you were not dealing crack or whatever it is that you sell? You were not breaking the law and completely framed?” For some reason I got a childish temper tantrum, but more often, no answer at all. I use to believe the excuses years ago until time, research, and real life experience showed me the truth of it all. I’ve lived in many different poor impoverished areas due to all my cash going on addiction, but I remember the little details about the ‘people’ from each. Do me a favor and look at factual statistics! Not on the population as a whole like the lie that more white people are on welfare. AS PER 1000, more blacks and hispanics are on welfare, or are imprisoned for drug related crime, as well as have children without a father figure to guide them concerning life’s choices in general. I had no father and chose the “easy way and fast money”, also spent over a decade in prison. I BLAME ME!, and myself. Oh, the judge that sentenced me two out of three prison terms was black. Lose the excuses and look within your own.

    • censoredagain says

      Dude you are a racist and an idiot!!! The ones making the big money are the major drug lords and cartels; most of which are latino. Stop blaming and stereortyping the white man because there are plenty of poor struggling white people too.

  7. inoxia. says

    i find it amusing that the majority blame drugs as the issue… people forget how long these drugs have been around and been utilised in a safe and harm free enviroment. people blame drugs.. they are not the problem.. the problem is society and theyre constant pursuit to ‘quick fix’ everything. the only reason drug addictions arise is from severe emotional disorders, people self medicating for mental disease.

  8. Bruce says

    he bought two houses in Lima after sellin 2 tons
    Thats my dream now


  9. Michael says

    Dear Cricket, you asked for feedback:

    1. While it is the duty of a spouse to honor marriage vows, it seems a rare thing now and so is commendable. Hang in there.

    2. I’d feel safer doing a line than riding a motorcycle.

    3. How are you doing these days? Hope you are well.

    • Kingsessing says

      “I’d feel safer doing a line than riding a motorcycle” …..says the dope fiend……Jesus, the money I made off of idiots like you. The wives of idiots like you that I slept with! “not my wife or girlfriend”! ….roflmao, keep thinking that.

  10. mad not no more..! says

    I was a coco dealer,i did ok out of it,but i lost the biggest deal,’myself ‘am so asham of myself 4doing coco,sumtime it was how i would treat my girlfriend or friend,it was out of order…sorry……!

  11. Cricket says

    I am a wife of a man for 33 years and up until the time he wrecked a police special I did not find out that he had been using (cocaine) for years and I did not know. Am I to Be angry or just take care of him as if all is good OR WHAT?????????????????????? And yes i do love him but I do not like being lied to. FEED BACK WOULD VERY NICE AND BE HELPFUL. THANKS SO MUCH CRICKET

    • Kingsessing says

      Cricket- take care of yourself! I understand that you love him, but did he love you ALL of the times he lied to you.? Once a junkie , always a junkie. LIVE YOUR LIFE! However long or short it may be. Like I said , I dealt drugs for MANY years, and I have a lot to show for it, but a junkie will always see to it that his/her loved ones go bottom down with them. Cricket, live your life!

    • Super Husband Dad Provider says

      My wife just found out that I smoke. What is she going to do to me? Yell at me, maybe, “how could I” Yes I did. Does it matter? Apparently to her and good for her, I really leave it up to her to come to terms about it… I do it on Sundays when I’m out hiking which I do almost every weekend it’s where I reset myself for the coming week. I have once every few years done coke (Love having FAKE fun) and mushrooms (Let the LAGHTER BEGAIN). My wife is straight lace and very black and white when it comes to any drugs “if it’s illegal you better not be doing it”. So why would I tell her? Why would he tell you? Because you are supposed to be honest with the ones you love. You need to have your secrets no one can deal with anyone for long that doesn’t have a filter on. Like my wife says to me some times “you are more honest with strangers than with me”. Just like right now at this moment I’m being totally honest with you, “you only hurt the ones you love” so if you can just except them for being them and enjoy the present time the right now not what the past may have been nor what the future may bring but what time you have left with them and love them and stop judging them you might actually be happy for a moment and not need any drugs but just a moment of love eyes that is a real drug. A hug, a kiss an embrace, and great conversation, mmmmm, now you’re talking my drug of chose.

  12. Cricket says

    I am a wife of a man for 33 years and just learned after a motorcycle wreck that he had had a few occasions to do (cocaine) and being a Harley man I am assuming this was the thing to do in the crowd and I had no clue and I felt so stupid I wanted to die. Now I have to stay home 34 -7 and feed him and dath him wipe his bottom. I am a slave for the choices he made. and i do not get it. Where are the damn fools that gave it to him? HELLO it is just me. I do not get it!!! Can some one help me understand??? Cricket

    • Allan says

      Hey everything is like that ,its like when people laugh or criticize you for doing something they believe unworthy but where are they when one hits rock bottom,you cant find them anywhere.its better to keep doing what one is doing and dont pay attention to fools.He did somethig stupid but you are doing something great in the eyes of the lord you are being a good samaritan.
      We all do stupid things sometimes nobody is perfect,people should stop paying attention to other foolish people and start paying more attention to God.everybody commits mistakes but dont feel bad for doing what is wright.And if you get tired there are always space for miracles,if you trust God.

  13. MeNotYou says

    this looks like some backwoods hillbilly method
    ive researched this myself bfor just out of curiosity how they make a green plant into white powder and have never heard of using gas

    also in reply to babygirl
    be real thats how it gets you coke plays with your mind so bad and gets you to think its not a bad thing and make you want more and more and more
    ive never known anyone that’s only done it once or was able to be “careful” with it forever

    • me says

      well just in ur response to babygirl…i have experienced with cocaine and with marijuna for many years under diffrent circumstances ….and i did not care for it at all, i did use it for many diffrent reasons and diffrent times in my life and like her it did seem like it helped me get thru whatever i needed to do, and i never did get addicted or seem like i wanted more, i used it when i wanted and when i didnt , i didnt, and till this day , i havent used, i havent since i was like 23 , 24 and now i am 37! i think its all in how you take control of ur needs, dont let them take control of you!

  14. issac says

    ok i know how to make this but the problem is the coco plant you can order seeds online and have them imported from canda completly legeal but growing them is harder then anything i have ever tried they died after about 3 weeks what i want to know is is there anything i can use as a substitute for the plant extract itself

  15. Claire Farmer says

    I know what Cocaine did to my son, he wasted away. He tried very hard to get awayfrom this horrible drug, but in the end a bullet got him because he owed money.
    So i ask you this.. is cocaine worth it? what it does to yourself, your family, your friends, your job.
    the answer is hell no.
    if you take cocaine, seek out help! and turn in all the drug dealers

    • johndillenger says

      Its all about self control. The fact that drugs are illegal demonizes them, attributes false propaganda about them & creates a huge misconception. Children are educated in the wrong way with DARE when what should be taught is safely using drugs if you are going to at all instead of spreading lies like DARE does. Also most dont understand that cocaine heroin etc. were synthesized by pharmaceutical companies (bayer being one) and are much safer drugs than ones on the market today (Listen to a commercial and all the side effects).

      Im sorry about your son but dont demonize a drug just because its specifically impacting you. Alcohol is a much more dangerous drug than cocaine.

      To see these poor farmers live below the poverty level to supply us with a drug that is over priced while farmers are given barely enough to provide 1 meal a day in addition to being sprayed with poison pesticides every day is the problem. Its the drug war that is the problem; same with alcohol. We need a regulated market.

    • michelle says

      What about all the chemicals used to create the drug? Gasoline and ammonia? cement, etc…how can it be good or natural to put that in your body?

    • fdas says

      You do realize if done properly, the chemicals CHANGE and you actually aren’t putting them in your body unless someone fucks up. But go ahead and dont do drugs, they dont mix well with dumb people.

    • Kingsessing says

      JDill- I can tell that you’re the classic , white, suburban dope fiend. I made Porsche money off of people like you. You sit there snorting your dope and you think because you’re not on the streets that it’s safe to do. Well I got news for you, cocaine, and the people teaching you that it’s safe is bogus! Drug addicts were never intended to be on top. Only us SMART dealers ( who don’t use) are designed to be on top( until prison gives you that wake up call). Lol , it would be guys like you who’s wives and girlfriends would get ahold of my number and call to offer ME sex that she’s never did for you in your wildest dreams. I would tell you to get help, but you’re a loser. So please keep using.

    • Rich says

      Yes it’s worth it. Your son got the bullet in the head because it’s not regulated! Open up your eyes!!! End the war on drugs; use, OD and gang war/killings will go way down. God I hate stupid drivel.

  16. says

    i recently tried cocaine and didn’t find it to be a horrible drug! The first time I did it I was very careful, i didn’t want to O.D. I found that I was able to function as I normally do! I actually liked it! It gave me a tremendous amount of energy and I completed so many tasks, that without cocaine, it would have taken me weeks to attempt doing them. REALLY…. I feel that as long as we don’t abuse the drug, we should be allowed to do whatever we want with it!

    • Kingsessing says

      If you were careful the 1st time you tried it, YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER TRIED IT! I dealt coke for years and I NEVER touched it! I’m from Southwest Philly so I saw what cocaine did to people since I was a child. I made the conscious decision to never use. Baby girl TURN back now! If you are half way good looking you will end up TRICKING! If you don’t have a endless supply of money, you will end up TRICKING! I was NOT a corner dealer. I knew and know so many other big timers that were POS, but that never stopped beautiful women ( with coke habits) from flocking to these wolves. If the coke use doesn’t ruin your LIFE, the coke dealing wolves will.

    • Kingsessing says

      Ps. Drugs are designed to be ABUSED! so please don’t sit there and say ” as long as we don’t abuse them, we should be allowed to use them”. I see that your post is almost 5 years old. I hope that your cocaine use isn’t as old as the post.

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