A Compendium of 150 Monty Python Sketches

John P.

Monty Python Spanish InquisitionMy wife requested that I post a particular Monty Python skit on the site. Well, posting just one Python video is right out!

No, here at One Man’s Institute for the Exceptional Documentation of Silly Time Wasting Videos we have a rule that one shall post no fewer than 150 videos – and the number of videos posted shall be 150.

Therefore, being that my wife is an HR manager and has to interview tons and tons of mackerels, and furthermore since she gets a kick out of Monty Python’s classic Silly Job Interview… RIGHT! On with it then!

(In fact, as I understand it she conducts all of her own interviews in this manner. Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. Say no more.)

Additionally, in the spirit of being Halibut, I’ve spent a truly silly amount of time sifting through applicants, while wearing pantys and a bra. No I didn’t! Yes – you did! Right. On with it!

  1. Lumberjack Sketch
  2. Buying a Bed
  3. Hitler in England
  4. Agatha Christie Sketch
  5. Spam
  6. Married
  7. Murderers
  8. Archaeology Today
  9. Mouse Problem
  10. Bicycle repairman!
  11. Most Awful Family In Britain
  12. Albatross
  13. Storytime
  14. Dirty Fork
  15. Blackmail
  16. Bruce
  17. Lingerie Robbery
  18. Lion Tamer
  19. Silly Vicar
  20. Kilimanjaro Expedition
  21. The Visitors Sketch
  22. Trouble at the Mill / The Spanish Inquisition
  23. Aussie hunters
  24. The money programme!
  25. A Man With Three Buttocks
  26. Mattress Skit
  27. How to contradict people
  28. The stolen newsreader
  29. Interesting people
  30. The smuggler
  31. Meat Sketch
  32. Silly Job Interview
  33. Lets talk ant
  34. The Fish Slapping Dance
  35. Timmy williams coffe time!
  36. The Bishop
  37. Semaphore version of Wuthering Heights
  38. Little Red Riding Hood
  39. Exploding Blue Danube
  40. Arthur ‘Two Sheds’ Jackson
  41. Flying Lessons
  42. I Wish to Report a Burglary
  43. Confuse-A-Cat Ltd.
  44. Johann Gambolputty
  45. The Dull Life of a City Stockbroker
  46. How Not To Be Seen
  47. Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1
  48. Penguins
  49. Undressing
  50. Tiny Words
  51. Italian
  52. Ministry Of Silly Walks
  53. Spectrum
  54. Burglar
  55. My Brain Hurts!
  56. The Llama
  57. Deja Vu
  58. Office Sketch
  59. Tennis Anyone?
  60. River Tossing
  61. Cheese Shop
  62. Mr Clean-Air System, the Boxer
  63. Camel Spotting/You’re No Fun Anymore
  64. The Dirty Vicar
  65. Christmas in Heaven
  66. Prawn Salad waiting room
  67. Secret Service Dentistry
  68. Spot The Looney
  69. Salad Days
  70. I have a theory!
  71. 20th Century Vole
  72. Dead Parrot
  73. Ypres Sketch
  74. Queen Victoria handicap
  75. Travel Agent
  76. Holy Grail – Black Knight
  77. Self Defence Class
  78. Holy Grail – Killer Rabbit
  79. Monty Python- The Bridge
  80. Holy Grail – French Invasion Plan
  81. Holy Grail – Knights of the Round Table
  82. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
  83. Holy Grail – Bloody peasants!
  84. The Funniest Joke In The World
  85. The Upperclass Twit Of The Year
  86. Every Sperm Is Sacred
  87. Hell’s Grannies
  88. Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook
  89. Hunting Sketch
  90. Man Who Speak Only Partial Words
  91. Expedition to Lake Pahoe
  92. Whizzo Chocolate Company
  93. Whicker Island
  94. Mr. and Mrs. Git
  95. Rival Documentaries
  96. Pilots’ Banter
  97. Cheap Airline
  98. Arthur ‘Two Sheds’ Jackson
  99. Police Station Silly Voices
  100. Art Gallery
  101. International Philosophy
  102. Careers Advisory Board
  103. Me Doctor
  104. How To Irritate People – Need a lift
  105. How To Irritiate People – Restaraunt
  106. Naughty Chemist
  107. Abandoned Sketch
  108. Silly Disturbances
  109. Fish License
  110. Johann Gambolputty
  111. Poofy Judges
  112. Travel Agent
  113. Marriage Guidance Counsellor
  114. Choreographed Conservative Party Speech
  115. Ken Shabby
  116. A Scotsman on a Horse
  117. Fish Club
  118. Falling Minister
  119. Introducing Harry Fink
  120. How to Irritate People – Actors
  121. How to Irritate People – The Joke
  122. Cosmetic Surgery
  123. Norwegian Party
  124. The First Heart Transplant
  125. Pope and Michelangelo
  126. Silly Olimpiad
  127. Antiracist Song
  128. Nudge Nudge
  129. Flying Lessons
  130. The Money Programme
  131. Office Sketch
  132. Hospital sketch
  133. Freemasons Architects
  134. Airline Pilot Practical Jokes
  135. Monty Python – Bavarian restaurant
  136. Monty Python Silly Election Results
  137. The Poet MacTeagel
  138. Gorilla Librarian
  139. Raymond Luxury Yacht

Unfortunatly due to the fact that this article was posted an infinetesimally long time ago, the following videos have been lost to the sands of the Interwebs. If any of you Pythonoholics locate them please drop a comment below and I’ll update the post for everyone’s benefit.



  1. Ron Theaker CD says

    Just about all these fantastic links are expired or have moved and need to be updated.
    Searched for my favourites and found most but one that get me going every time is called 4 yorkshiremen. Hilarious.

    And how do you get rid of the facebook twitter etc links ofn the right, what a dumb place when the site has no lkeft margin, it covers up so much, even this writing.




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