Fire Starting Flashlight

John P.

Fire Starting FlashlightYou say you’re sick of those tiny little Maglite’s excuse for illumination, and the Surefires just aren’t cutting it for you anymore? Well, perhaps its time you stepped up and got yourself a real man’s flashlight!

What makes this flashlight so powerful? A few things. First, there’s some batteries. And not just a few, but 12 1.2V NiMH (rechargable) batteries capable of sustained 10 amp draws. They’re in a nice, heavy duty battery carrier that can withstand the load as well.

Then there’s the bulb. It’s an Osram HLX 64623. This is a 12V bulb which is being overdriven to 14+V, to about 140 watts, with an estimated light output of about 4000 lumens. Compare that to a regular 2D MagLight, which is much, much less than 50 lumens.

Entire article here. And if you wanted to find a serious flashlight geek to build you one of these you can probably find them here.


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    what the hell! that’s a freakin weapon! a portable blowtorch that runs on batteries and no one will even suspect it’s dangerous

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