3,100 Gallon Pool – In a Living Room

John P.

Indoor PoolCall it stupid, I don’t care, but this is totally cool. This guy put a 3,100 gallon 15 foot pool inside his living room because he heard of a place he could order a pet Penguin from! That’s 24,800 pounds, or over 12 tons, of water in the living room folks!

Well, it turns out that the whole penguin thing was a hoax, plus the guy could barely sleep for worrying that the pool would rupture in his house or something, so eventually he drained it and returned it to Costco – because of course they’ll take anything back.

Read the entire story here.


  1. says

    Pet penguins…

    Probably Happy Feet inspired… like the clown fish craze after Finding Nemo…

    Very funny though, I am not sure I would have done that…


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