3,100 Gallon Pool – In a Living Room

Indoor PoolCall it stupid, I don’t care, but this is totally cool. This guy put a 3,100 gallon 15 foot pool inside his living room because he heard of a place he could order a pet Penguin from! That’s 24,800 pounds, or over 12 tons, of water in the living room folks!

Well, it turns out that the whole penguin thing was a hoax, plus the guy could barely sleep for worrying that the pool would rupture in his house or something, so eventually he drained it and returned it to Costco – because of course they’ll take anything back.

Read the entire story here.

Article Written by
John P.

John P. is CEO of Livid Lobster and co-host of Geek Beat TV. You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


  1. TheDane says:

    Pet penguins…

    Probably Happy Feet inspired… like the clown fish craze after Finding Nemo…

    Very funny though, I am not sure I would have done that…


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