Phosphor, Free Online 3D First-Person Shooter Game

PhosphorIf you enjoy all sorts of violence such as firing rocket launchers at people and shooting machine guns, then Phosphor is the game for you.

If you prefer to keep all the mayhem between friends, the game does have a multi-player mode which allows you to play either over a LAN (like at the office) or via the Internet.

Now, I’m not really qualified to comment on the how this game compares to other first person simulations as I simply never play games on my computer. But I can tell you two things: this game runs flawlessly on my machine, and it’s both fun and addictive.

Try it out!

Article Written by
John P.

John P. is CEO of Livid Lobster and co-host of Geek Beat TV. You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


  1. herp says:

    i like turtles

  2. ga says:

    it scares me when i hear anyone comin

    Good gameXD

  3. gamerboy nintendo/others says:

    this game is very cool but its pretty hard.ussaly i would win but i die aluot.i will be doing gameplay.

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