Internet Connection Download + Upload Speed Tests

John P.

Speed TestOccasionally I, or someone I know, need to run a test on my Internet connection to see what kind of bandwidth I’m getting. Rather than having to sift through bookmarks for the links I figured I’d share them here.

If you ever need (want) to test your connection just do a quick search on One Man’s Blog for “Speed Test” and you should find this page nice and quick like. All of the tests here will show the results of both upload and download speeds.

Some of the better tests will also show latency and other statistics as well as comparative data.

Have fun!

The Man’s 10 Favorite connection test sites:

  1. Windows Users Group Speed Test
  2. SpeakEasy Speed Test
  3. YourSpeed Quickstart Tests
  5. Frontier Communications Speed Test
  6. DSL Reports Speed Test
  8. ATT / Yahoo Tests
  9. Speed Test
  10. Speed Test

Here is a test for mobile devices such as my PPC-6700 and other Windows or Palm devices.


  • You should always try several test servers as there can be variability based upon your ISPs Internet backbone connection.
  • For tests that give you the option, choose the closest text site to your location.
  • My favorite download only test server is the Giganews Download test server. It gives a pretty accurate indication of the speed you’ll get from their news servers.

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