Size Comparison of Stars and Planets

John P.

EarthAs a follow up to my previous post of The Most Important Photo Ever Taken, here is a very interesting video illustrating the relative size of planets in our solar system as well as stars throughout the galaxy.

Keep in mind that the smallest body they show is Mercury and at an average height of 5.5′ it would take over 2.9 million humans standing head to toe just to stretch across that tiny planet.

The largest star illustrated is 753,320 times larger than Mercury. It would take 2.185 TRILLION humans standing head to toe to stretch across the diameter of that star, or 364 times the entire population of Earth.


  1. Andrew Johnston says

    Hi, I would like to use your film for a talk I am giving at our church next year about my hobby. Most people do not comprehend the massive distances or sizes of our Solar system or deep space. Please how can I purchase this film?
    Thank you.

  2. John says

    Did you know VV Cephei may be the largest but is not the brightest it is only 315,000 luminosity in solar units, whereas the most luminous star is 38,000,000 luminosity in solar units its called the gator star. The Sun is only 1.00 luminosity in solar units the least luminous star in the Universe.

  3. John says

    There is only 1 solar system because the sun is also sol and solar system is ours with 8 planets now that pluto has become a dwarf planet. But there are other systems in our Galaxy.

  4. says

    how could I have missed this video before ? Great that the comment above brought it back, even the comment is not really apropriate


  5. ahmed ragheb says

    hello , i heard that .. there’s like 100,000,00 soler system like ours .. and and all the soler systems are called ( a name i don’t knw it = X) and there’s like 111,000,00 like ( X ) .. and all the X’s the called ( ex Y ) and all of this are like 6% from the scintes discoveries !! ( i need to knw the reall numbers :D and the reall names and if this is true !! THANX

  6. says

    umm, i really appreciate this very useful website. the reason for my happiness towards this website is due to the fact that my finite minded girlfriend was bickering at me, trying to convince me that planets arewaybigger that the stars. i then proceeded to explain to her in simplified laymen terms that she had been misinformed (though im sure no other person in this world would ever inform her of this) and i was able to explain to her very clearly through this wonderfull informative website. we read the parts first and she still wasn’t convinced so this is where your video came in handy. Thank you so much for thinking of small minded individuals like my beautiful girl.

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