Blend ANYTHING!! Seriously… iPod in a Blender!

John P.

iPod in a BlenderI never imagined I could desire a blender so bad, but man do I want the $400 BlentTec Total Blender!

In what has to be the most brilliant marketing campaign of all time, the BlendTec folks decided to throw away (or at least blend) the manual when it comes to getting the message out about their product.

Other blenders may be able to do some of this stuff as well, but BlendTec proves it when they literally throw in light bulbs, beer bottles, golf clubs, barbie dolls, rakes and cell phones and blend the crap out of them!

This definitely goes on next years Christmas list!

Now, in addition to the sheer hooligan capabilities, the machine is actually a pretty awesome machine for actual use in a kitchen (but nowhere near as fun…). It can be used to make fully cooked steaming hot soup, completely frozen ice cream, and anything in between.


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    they should make a paper shredder that works like this =0) it’ll shred papers, cds, hard disks hehe that’ll be the most secure shredder

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