Map Rising Sea Levels from Global Warming

John P.

Holland Tunnel Under WaterSo, after all my talk about Global Warming, including the movie An Inconvenient Truth, wouldn’t you like to know what’s going to happen to your piece of real estate if (and when) global sea levels rise over the coming decades? For example, just look at the image here… if seas rise just 10 feet the Holland tunnel in New York will be under water! :-)

Well, Alex Tingle now brings us the Flood Maps Website which allows you to see a visual representation of what will happen at varying levels of rising sea.

He actually put a great deal of thought and effort into building this tool and even includes a detailed analysis of the level of accuracy you can assume – incidentally he claims the maps are actually optimistic, meaning sea level rise would probably be worse than the map projects.

For comparison, there is another tool which creates sea level maps from the University of Arizona here. Also a useful but somewhat more limited sea level map site here.

Go check them out, but also make sure you watch An Inconvenient Truth.


  1. Stephen says

    I think there are far more serious issues everyone should be focusing on, like the increasing threat of nuclear war where billions will die and the likelihood of survival is Nil.
    The water levels would increase naturally anyway seen as we are approaching the end of an ice age, we’ve just helped speed things along by a few thousand years!
    Sort out the issues that need addressing straight away, a world wide ban on nuclear weapons would be a nice start. It will take 1000’s of years for global warming to destroy the earth completely, but 1 day to kill billions instantly. Sorry, just my point of view on the matter and I am trying to do my bit for “Global Warming”.

  2. Doug says


    I believe this just may be another bottleneck in our evolution, if we survive.

    Here is one for you. I heard this on a documentary. Einstein once said that if all the water melts that the axis of the earth would most likely shift. The weight of the Pacific Ocean would actually cause the earth to move.

    I just hope that he was wrong…

    Take care and thanks for the blog.


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