Kayak’s Buzz – the Best Flight Deal Finder

John P.

Kayak BuzzAs previously mentioned, I’ve been using Kayak for travel planning for some time now, but I actually just discovered a new feature that is one of, if not the, best tools I’ve yet seen for helping to plan vacations that involve air travel.

The Kayak Buzz section offers a very cool, Google Map enabled shopping comparison tool which overlays destinations onto a regional or world map. The site lists the top deals for any given period of time and generally helps you decide where to go on vacation.

Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Go to Kayak.com/buzz/
  2. Enter your home airport into the From box and choose which region you’d like your destination to be in. For example, US, Europe, Asia, etc.
  3. Select the month you’d like to take your vacation.

Kayak Buzz Detail ViewAt this point Kayak will pull up a map with markers for all of the destinations which represent the best deal for the given month of travel. Select any of the names to zoom in to that location on the map, and from there you can follow a link to actually see the specific deals that are available.

I think this will really help people who know when they are able to take vacation, but don’t quite know where they want to go. Check it out!


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