10 Worst Drivers Ever Caught on Video

Worst DriversPeople have car accidents. That’s not what this post is about. People also do stupid, reckless things. But we’re not focusing on that now either.

This is about people that obviously lack the requisite skills to drive a motor vehicle – who were also unfortunate enough to have the evidence caught on film.

10.) Are you going to tell me this person didn’t hear their car’s bumper dragging on the ground?

9.) It’s bad when you can’t even pull your car up close enough to pay for your parking:

8.) This is just mind-boggling. How does a truck hit a gas pump going this fast, and then hit a gas station?

7.) This Greek driver missed their exit, so what do they do? Turn around and drive their car against the flow of traffic of course:

6.) This is the worst parallel parking EVER! It’s obvious the car won’t even fit from the start:

5.) During a flood in Budapest this woman decides to go driving:

4.) Who let this person behind the wheel of a Ferrari?

3.) Ok. On this one you have to watch the guy whose directing the car. He gets more and more frantic:

2.) This is the worst driving I’ve ever seen in a parking lot:

1.) Frankly, I didn’t think this was even possible at this speed. This takes sheer talent:

Article Written by
John P.

John P. is CEO of Livid Lobster and co-host of Geek Beat TV. You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


  1. john says:

    1. would have been the best if they had clicked the romote lock. IT looked like they just go out of the car like it hadn’t rolled.

  2. technupower says:

    wow,.. great collections of bad driver :D nice video sharing John,.. :)

  3. kris says:

    I vote this to be added to the list:
    Bus drives over waterfall


  4. Tim says:

    Wow, especially the car that tries to climb the wall and rolls over… Yikes!

  5. LOOOL cant believe how dumb some drives are, couldn’t stop laughing at video number 5…!!

  6. wow…number 1 was just ridiulous…

    i reckon that greek guy should get number 2…who would reverse on the motorway!

  7. Brian Friel says:

    I’m pretty sure that my wife was the driver in video number 1 and 5. How did you catch her on tape?

    I hope she doesn’t see these comments ;)


  8. lol i liked then all. nice…

  9. What stupid drivers

    I am going to tell you that these all are unlucky situations
    We might as well get in these

  10. I can call this blog as Video blog now, Enjoyed all videos
    5 stars for all your video

  11. QwertyWEB says:

    very funny list of freaky drivers , watched all VIDEOS , enjoyed a lot , 7th video is my favorite :D

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