Use Google Maps to Calculate Walking Distances

John P.

Geo DistancesIf you are one of those folks that has a set walking or jogging path that you like to follow, but you don’t know exactly how far you’re covering you can use the new site to help you answer that very question.

It’s quite simple to use… just zoom in on the Google Map until you’re at the magnification level desired. You can click and drag the mouse to move the maps, then when you’ve got the map where you want it in the screen simply click on the starting point to insert a starting pin and then begin clicking along the route.

You’ll see the distance automatically increasing as you move along, and when you’re done you have the option to save the route or you can even export the map to view it in Google Earth. If you don’t yet have Google Earth, I recommend you get the Google Pack which includes it.

Assuming you’ve already got Google Earth installed, here is the route file from the sample I created in the photo. Just save it to your computer and then double click it to open it in Google Earth.


  1. Jainish Bhavsar says

    Hi There,

    I bought Blackberry Curve 8310 but somehow i can’t use nevigator (Map) I download Google map and however google map symbol appears on main manu but when i click on it nothing coming up. (Phone just hang up)

    Can you please advice me how to use google map in my blackberry curve ASAP!

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