The Best Photography on the Web – Part 1

John P.

The Eiffel TowerI love photography. But only really good photography.

It is a skill that some people have elevated to an art, being a true admirer, I’ve decided to create a regular series of featured photographers with collections on the Web.

BE WARNED! Photographers take pictures of places, things and people. Sometimes naked people. If you are sensitive to nude men, naked women or wet fruit please move on to another article.

Declan McCullagh

Declan McCullaghHis photos have appeared in publications including: The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, GQ, Scientific American, Business 2.0 magazine, Gear magazine, Premiere magazine, and scores of others.

They appear in the Getty Images archive. They have been featured in annual reports, CD jackets, and on book covers, and have been incorporated into television segments.

Trey Ratcliff

Trey RatcliffTrey’s specialty is in taking High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. Although this type of art is not photo-realistic, it is mesmerizing in a completely different way. Make sure and see his Best collection.

Trey takes multiple exposures of the same image and combines them to bring out details that are otherwise not possible. His work is very unique and he travels to lots of interesting places (New York, Italy, Canada, Iceland, Russia, Ukraine, etc.). Before you go asking me how he does it, here’s his tutorial.

Carmen Gonzalez

Carmen's EyesCarmen is a very attractive woman. But what makes her self-portraits so amazing are the combination of quality, and creativity in each of the photos. For example, see this particular shot (How did she do it? Double exposure? Photoshop?).

From her photos, she appears to be very well trained, or at least practiced, and I’ve gone so far as to massively zoom in on the reflection in her eyes to try to see how the photos are being made (see attached image), but there simply isn’t enough resolution.

Toby Keller

Toby KellerToby seems to specialize in low light, long exposure photography. I especially enjoy his seascape photos because the colors are very rich and vibrant.

His personal site is nice, but I find it a little easier to view his photos on Flickr.

Toby is also a fantastically creative artist, and his awesome travel sketchbook should not be missed.

Su Neko

Su NekoI’m hoping I got his name correct… also the above link uses the Google translation engine to convert from Japanese to English.

Su Neko’s wildlife photography is what really grabs my attention. There is such a wide range, including animals, aquatics and insects. If you are a nature lover you’ll really enjoy these photos.

I can’t imagine the patience required to get some of these photos, because not only are they framed and focused perfectly, but the expressions on the animal’s faces are priceless!

Steve Hoyles

Steve Hoyles
Steve does portraits. That alone is usually enough to put me to sleep. :-) But in this case, his work really draws you in.

One of his specialties seems to be wedding photography. All I have to say about this is that I’ve never seen a photo album with these types of pictures in them! He also has some photos on Flickr.

Hmmm… in fact, Steve is down in Lake Jackson, TX – a short drive from Houston. And my brother is getting married pretty soon. Steve, we might just be giving you a call!

Mike Murphy

Mike MurphyOne of Mike’s specialties is high speed water photography, but it’s important to note that Mike is not a one trick pony.

His other photos range from architecture to fireworks, and macro photography to portraits. Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it – he’s also a digital artist!

That’s it for this edition. If you know of an outstanding photography collection on the Web that I should consider for next time either drop a comment below or send it to me via the Contact The Man form above.

Happy viewing!

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    I saw the works of Steve Hoyles and Toby Keller. Think they well deserved to be on the list of the best photographers online. I will check the others also, i may find some new names.

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