Windows Update for FireFox and Opera Users

John P.

Windiz UpdatesThere are a lot of people that have migrated to alternative Web browsers such as Firefox and Opera; the problem is, for most people, it’s been impossible to fully abandon IE because it’s the only option they have to get Windows Updates.

But, if you really despise IE and wish you never had to open it again (or if it just isn’t working), have I got news for you… Using either Opera or Firefox you can head over to WindizUpdate and get your system updated from a source other than Microsoft.

Here are 10 reasons this site is superior to Microsoft’s:

  • It doesn’t install Microsoft Active X spyware plugins on your PC.
  • It doesn’t make you install the Windows Validation crap, and even works if your install is not valid.
  • No personally identifiable information is collected from your computer.
  • If an update has been superseded by a newer one, it will not ask you to install the older one.
  • WindizUpdate will find more security patches needed for your O/S than the “other” website.
  • It will not nag you to install patches for software you don’t have installed.
  • Works on Windows versions no longer supported by Microsoft like NT 4.0 and Windows 95.
  • Integrated download manager with error detection lets you can cancel and resume downloads at any time.
  • On my machine its a lot faster than Microsoft’s update.
  • Upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer is not considered a Critical Update!

If you don’t yet have Firefox I highly recommend that you visit my Google Pack page and download it.

Even if you want to stick with IE it’s good to have a backup browser – and every machine should have Firefox installed. Trust me, the minute your IE isn’t working and you don’t have an alternative you’ll be wishing you had downloaded it…

If you don’t yet have Opera, you might want to check out my Top Freeware page. I find Opera to be the best and fastest browser, but it doesn’t have quite the name recognition of Firefox or IE.


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    Thanks John for the info. I use IE often but I also have Opera and Firefox as backup. I’ll be looking into your suggestion. Appreciate it if you can pop over and have a look at my new blog The NextPost.

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