1. Shruti K says

    I personally adore Skype a lot and use it whenever I need. You can also add paltalk in your list. But, I must say you have given a thorough review. Thanks John for the information because I din’t know there are so many options available out there.

  2. marri says

    You could also look at RHUB, it’s a device about just as small as a router; it offers web collaboration and remote access/support facilities. There’s no need for participants to download any software or add-ons, so attendance is guaranteed.

  3. NaPua says

    Thank you for posting this list & having Google find you!!! I am a telecomuter & finding it fustrating because my emoployer has never done this & neither have I; so I tend to miss out on meetings :-(
    Oddly enough they are not the reason I am doing the research; it is for a class that I am taking but due to being a HAPPY & PROUD Navy wife we will be moving before I can complete the 2nd & 3rd course. So my teacher & I have been doing some searches so that she can offer the class to people remotely and not have to up the class fee! MANY THANKS to you for posting!

  4. mark says

    Hmmm. Interesting. I’d have never thought of that. I’ve never actually even looked at Second Life so one day I’ll have to do it.

  5. says


    First of all, I’m glad you found the list helpful. :-)

    Secondly, the coincidence is eery because I wrote this post months ago and hadn’t referred back to it in a long time, but just yesterday I came back to it so that I could do a Web based meeting!

    Personally I’ve used several times and I really like it. The free audio conferencing and the Web presentations and desktop sharing work incredibly well. Seriously, everyone I’ve show it to have been quite pleased. So check them out.

    Take care,


  6. says

    Thanks for the excellent list. Just want to add that we went through the same excercise and chose Yugma. We even paid the upgrade fee to allow for scheduled meetings. Unfortunately, the resolution on the other end — both colors and text — were so bad that we could not use it. Luckly we were presenting to a large corporate customer who were then able to host it on their WebEx system. Will check out the others and let you know. Thanks for sharing this valuable info – Drew

  7. says

    This is great, thanks for sharing. It’ll definitely come to good use.

    I’d also like to point out one platform that’s often overlooked because of its “game-like” appearance: Second Life. SL is a 3D Metaverse, or virtual world in which the users can create basically anything (check out

    The beauty of SL conferencing is that it allows an immersive experience, especially if you’re showing off physical designs. It also has a lot of features, so you could in theory do your powerpoint presentation on a huge cinema screen in-world.

    Of course, if you’re mainly concerned with getting a few slides across, then SL might be overhead — but for rapid prototyping of designs and when displaying different kinds of media (pictures, video, physical objects), it’s quite intriguing. They also recently announced that VOIP capabilities would be integrated soon, to allow full 3D sound.


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