Iguazu Falls in Brazil, Largest Waterfall on Earth

John P.

Iguazu FallsThe Iguazu Falls are the largest, most impressive falls on the planet. With 275 individual cascades they’ve been described as, “an ocean pouring into an abyss”.

The waterfall system consists of about 270 falls along 2.7 kilometres (1.67 miles) of the Iguazu River. Some of the individual falls are up to 82 metres (269 feet) in height, though the majority are about 64 metres (210 feet).

The Garganta del Diablo or Devil’s Throat (Garganta do Diabo in Portuguese), a U-shaped 150-metre-wide and 700-metre-long (490 by 2300 feet) cliff, is the most impressive of all, and marks the border between Argentina and Brazil.

Iguazu FallsTake a look at the video below, but also be sure to catch this amazing 360 degree Virtual Panorama

If you already have Google Earth installed, follow this link to explore the Iguazu Falls now. If you don’t yet have Google Earth, you can get the Free Google Pack here.

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