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USMC Cadence
John P.

USMC Running Cadence MP3sI recently acquired a bad ass treadmill as part of an effort to get back in shape (more on that later), and I went searching for some USMC cadence MP3s to listen to while I run. They were harder to find than I thought they would be, so I figured I would share them here in case anyone would like to hear them.

These work songs are sung while a platoon is running in formation and let me tell you – they are motivational. When you hear 80 sets of boots pounding the ground in unison while 80 Marines sing cadence it is a site to behold.

Cadence serves multiple purposes but the two most important are quite practical:

  1. Running long distances, over rough terrain, carrying a load of gear hurts. More than you think. In fact, it’s the reason I’m not in the Corps any more (I had 15 stress fractures in my shins from it). Calling cadence gives you something else to think about.
  2. Breathing rhythm is very important to long distance runners, and calling cadence requires you to breath properly. You alternate between taking in plenty of air, and expelling it while you sing at the top of your lungs. In fact, without actually singing you aren’t getting the benefits of cadence.

So, here are the best recordings I could find. If you know of other good ones please drop a note in the comments.

UPDATE: Sorry gang, but someone claimed that the files we had were their copyright. So I removed them because I don’t have time to actually investigate whether their claims are true. However, if you know of any other files online, feel free to link to them in the comments and I’ll add them here to this list.

I can’t host them, but I can certainly link to anything you find! Huzzah!!!

Finally, if you’re interested in learning what it takes to actually become a US Marine, check out my article entitled “Corps Boot Camp: How to Make a US Marine“.


  1. Evert Kampert says

    Thanks for sharing the downloads. I served the Royal Dutch Marine corps and worked together with the USMC during the Gulf war in 1991.
    Greets Evert

  2. says

    I just spent a great fifteen minutes with my former Marine wife listening to that. Or she called herself a BAM!! Thanks a bunch

  3. abnner says

    this is the time that the Marine Corp is the best elite force in the world. SEMPER FIDELIS 1775 Turn Tavern. To Cheaty Puller

  4. marshall williams says

    I’m in the Delayed Entry Program for the corps thank you for these and I can’t wait to become one of the few OORAH!

  5. Amphib Assault says

    I was US NAVY amphibious assault, so I have had more than my helping of running/training and fighting alongside the SEALs and EMBs. These are so epic in their recounting of the “good ole days”! You are also right on track, cadence calling has so many benefits like breathing, motivation, and even builds a stronger bond with your brothers in arm. Thank you for the files. Some are available at iTunes but they are usually so short that you have to make a playlist of dozens of files. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  6. Arthur Sperschneider says

    Thank you Sir,
    for this cadences, Its the best qulity what i heard.
    I am a german Soldier an i love the USMC Cadences. I love it to hear it by running my daily 6 Miles.

  7. Justin says

    I actually have been looking for these for long time

    Thank you sir:)

    Is there anybody who can give me a lylice of these?

    I need that. Plz~~~ Help me ~~sir~~~~

  8. Marine's Girlfriend says


    I have a Mac, and it is impossible for me to download the cadences. Any help?

    Semper fi!

  9. Jim says

    When I enlisted I was told my by father and other Marines in my family that you enlist and become part of the Marine Corps but in time it becomes a part of you. I have always felt that it was part of who I am. Reading everyones comments you can tell how much it is apart of yours as well. God Bless my brothers and sisters, past present and future. Semper Fi.

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