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GotLogos.comI can’t remember exactly how I got to it, but I was reading over on Boing Boing where they had reported a review of the GotLogos service by Kevin Kelley.

Kevin reported that he had a good experience with the $25 logo package offered at, and although I was highly skeptical I decided that I’d go ahead and gamble the $25 to see about getting a logo for the site. Some of my readers have complained that it’s too plain looking, so I figured a $25 logo would be just the thing to spice it up. ;-)

So, I headed on over to place my bet… er, order. I chose the $25 package and then in the comments field I put the following: Hopefully you’ll take a look at the site to get some ideas, but basically One Man’s Blog is the personal blog of John Pozadzides.

I’m a fairly well known Internet pioneer (founder of and a technology expert. My blog covers a wide range of topics, all of which are things that interest me.

I don’t really have any preconceived notion of what the logo should look like. The only thoughts that I had were:

  • There should probably be 1 “man” somewhere in the logo.
  • It might be neat if the man were directing the construction of the logo… say, supervising as a crane lifts one of the words into place or something like that.
  • Personally the way I feel about my blog is that it is a labor of love for me, it involves a tremendous amount of effort, and it is a fairly solitary undertaking.

I hope that helps give you some ideas and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

The logo was ordered on 3/16/2007, and on 3/22/2007 I received the following logo.

Ok. First of all, I thought I was clear in stating that I was in no way certain about what it should look like, and that I could only even come up with one bloody idea. That doesn’t mean the idea was any good, and a designer should have felt free to freakin ignore me and come up with something nice.

Now, go look at the samples they’ve got on display over at, click on the Gallery tab, and then come back and tell me if you think this is in any way, shape or form of the same calibre. Go ahead… I’ll wait. No? Didn’t think so.

In fact, the worst logo they have in their Gallery is infinitely better than this “logo”. This travesty demonstrates absolutely no artistic ability, creativity or even taste. I mean, come on. We couldn’t even get a little more cartoonish or something like that? The color scheme for the logo isn’t even legible for the “.com” part! Just because it’s a background color on the blog doesn’t mean its appropriate for typography!

There is no way there was any quality control check on this thing, even for $25. I would think that someone over there would want to ask the question “do we want to have our name associated with this” or “could we put this in our gallery” for anything coming out of their shop. Especially given that they want to upsell you to all kinds of higher level services (which I might have bought if they had come back with something nice).

But this thing is so bad it seriously gives me the dry heaves. How does everyone else feel about it? Oh. And feel free to Digg the heck out of this to spread the word. I don’t care if it does take the server down again…

PS – If I’ve got any talented designers for readers out there who would like to help shape One Man’s image then let me know.
Peter's One  Man's Blog Logo
EDIT: 4/7/2007 @ 4:27AM – Peter, from down in the comments thread, put together this modified version of the logo. Not only is it colorized, but now I’ve got a beer in my hands, and a gut to match it, while I “supervise”!

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  1. willy MARIGNAN

    I have ordered a logo on may 22, and june 20, I am stil waiting for my logo, they don’t answer help request anymore.
    in the past they made me 2 logos good on 3.
    But now it’s becoming awfull.

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