One Man’s RoboForm Demonstration Video

John P.

John PozadzidesOK folks, before I move to Alaska… As a result of multiple requests from my How I’d Hack Your Weak Passwords article, I’ve put together the following 15 minute RoboForm tutorial that demonstrates how I use RoboForm to securely and easily manage my passwords. This is my first video tutorial ever, so please be gentle…

But before we go any further I want to share some full disclosure. I am personally a customer of Roboform. I purchased the full version as well as the add ons for Palm Pilot and Pocket PC. As of a couple of days ago, they are now paying me a small commission when people buy the software (yeah!). But this has zero bearing on the contents of this post.

If you haven’t done so already, please download and install Roboform so you can follow along with the Roboform tutorial. Here we go…


  1. RM says

    Having downloaded, installed and populated the RoboForm program, what do I do about all the saved passwords in the browser options tab? My guess is that they should be cleared, just seeking confirmation.

  2. jim lampe says

    Sorry John, (or anyone else who can help me), how do I view the video tutorial? Do I download FLV Player & will there be an icon to click on to view it? Thank You.

  3. orims says

    AS regards roboform being secure, what about the fact that you can just open my roboform data and just see all the passwords directly – though it requires access (directly or indirectly to your computer. That folder is not secure at all on the computer, it should be

  4. Daniel Furlin says

    It was a very informative video on Roboform. My wife and I are debating which password manager to use. We are senior citizens and want to make the right choice. If you respond, I was wondering what your feelings are about password managers that store information in the “cloud.” Roboform Everywhere does this. THAT is what scares us and is causing our hesitation. That our passwords/info, even though encrypted, will be stored online, “somewhere.” Would you trust these or is it better to stick with Roboform Desktop, which does not? I’d appreciate your feedback, if possible……thank you.

  5. Ajai says

    Thank you for taking the time to put together a very educative video. Just a small query pl – I am using a win mob phone and sync it regularly with my laptop. Can one use roboform from the win mob phone as well ?
    Thank you.

  6. dave moore says

    (ha – my very first use of Roboform was filling in this comment form – o, how ironic :)

    John, that was great – ran the video with the software and job’s a good one.
    (interestingly, i have multiple browser (firefox) profiles and Roboform just reached through and updated all of them- (a good thing)
    a question to you – now if i need to access these passwords from another machine? ie at workplace?
    and do Roboform have a mobile (windows) version?
    I’ll be subscribing to your feeds for more gems of techie wisdom – cheers.

  7. Sunil says

    Hi John,
    Presently I am using Lastpass. How do you rate it in comparison with Roboform in terms of security and convenience?



  8. says


    RoboForm uses triple DES encryption so it is very strong. I’ve never heard of the app being compromised anywhere, after years and years of use.

    Even if a hacker got the database as long as you used a very strong master pass you should be just fine.

    John P.

  9. dave riddell says

    Thank you – that was excellent. I’ve considered using Robofrom or Keepass for ages (currently on 2 sheets of paper in my home office cupboard).

    A question though – what is the encryption like on Roboform provided the Master Password is strong? What measures prevent Roboform from being hacked and is it also dependant upon other security like anti-virus/firewall etc on the PC on which it is residing?


    Perth. Australia

  10. John McGlynn says

    I just watched your RoboForm demo video. How do I back up all the data I’ve entered into RoboForm, what is the file name called and where is it stored? Want to know when I get a new laptop and want to move all my data over. Thank you.

  11. Thom says

    that is what the secure online cloud version is good for and you can place Roboform on a USB drive and take it with you.

  12. says

    I use an Ironkey USB drive that is password protected to doubly insure that a hacker will have a very hard time learning my passwords. I found your video to be well done and very useful for those I recommend Roboform to…Thank you

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