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John P.

Some of you may have noticed that earlier today I added a feature in the sidebar that displays the top commenters. There are two little catches to this new feature:

  1. You must be registered and logged in when commenting to turn your name into a link to your Web site.
  2. You must enter your Web site address in your user profile in order for the link to work.

There is one very special thing about this new feature. The outbound links are normal ones which convey full search engine benefits. People often pay a couple hundred dollars a month to get a link to their site from a site as highly ranked as this one, so I guess you could say that it literally pays to be active here!

Why would I do this? Well, I want to encourage and reward visitors who inspire me with commentary and help turn OMB into a real user community. I don’t just put up new content to hear myself talk… I really enjoy feedback and truly appreciate my loyal readers. In fact this is just the first of several ways I’ll be kicking off in the near future to give back to the community…

I only ask a few things:

  1. You must use a personal URL when you register. Links to commercial sites will be ruthlessly removed. The point of the commenters list is so that we can get to know who YOU are. Not to be used for commercial SEO.
  2. You must use either your name or your nickname. Absolutely no “keyword” type names will be tolerated.
  3. Don’t try to game the system. If I get the feeling that someone is leaving a bunch of comments just to try to drive up the numbers I will take immediate action ranging from deleting posts to banning. It only takes about 10 seconds to remove people permanently from showing up on this list, so please don’t abuse the privilege or all your time and energy will have been wasted.

The list reflects the most frequent commenters in the past 30 days. This will ensure that the most currently active commenters will always be listed and ensure that everyone has an equal chance at being listed over time.

If you want to leave comments but don’t want your name to link to a URL, it’s no problem! Just don’t put a URL in your profile and that will take care of it! Or, if you don’t log in that will take care of it as well. :-)

EDIT: We are having a lot of problems lately with people posting comments on the blog with commercial URLs. This is absolutely not going to be tolerated. If someone makes several posts in a row with a commercial URL please expect them to be deleted in their entirety. It takes way too long to edit the URL out of every one of them.

Folks, the bottom line here is that the many thousands (or tens of thousands some days) of people that read this blog every day often read the comments and actually do click on people’s names to check out who they are, but no one wants to end up on a site that looks like an advertisement!

Commercial URLs in comments are a form of SPAM (Comment Spam), and they add no value to the conversation on my site. In addition, I know about services like Buy Blog Comments which pay people to do this – and I despise it as the scourge of the Internet.

PS – Here is why I can’t take the time to contact everyone.


  1. says

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  3. Wordpress_Blogger says

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your generousity for allowing us to come to your blogging community.

    I just registered myself in your blog and I will start reading your post now.

    Thanks again.


  4. says


    I’m going to turn the question around on you and ask you to answer it. Tell me how in the world I’m supposed to know that your blog is legitimately about you, or your interests, based on what I see when I visit it.

    For all I know you are a blatant spammer and your URL is a SPLOG, and the Web is not a democratic place. You are not assumed innocent until proven guilty. Here, if people take a quick look and judge you as guilty then they just leave. (And a little free advice… you have WAY too many ads on the site to look like you’re trying to help others. It makes it look like the site exists only for one purpose…)

    So, really you are assumed guilty until you demonstrate innocence. That means that when commenting on other sites it’s up to you to provide a URL that makes people want to stick around and learn more. They are not going to do that if you don’t make it personal.

    So, if someone on my blog sees a post that you wrote and think, “I’d like to know a little more about this person” will they find out anything about you by following your link?


  5. says

    I think that your attempt at removing link spam is reasonable. However, I think I am not alone in feeling a little lost about your definition of a “commercial” site. If I have a blog on which I blog my thoughts about real estate (and the blog has adsense, but no other avenue for commerce), then is it a commercial site?

  6. says

    I think that the site is great so diverse and lots of great topics

    I agree, I find myself looking at post that where made several months ago and going ” wow, I ‘m glad I found out X”
    I would comment on them but most my comments have been deleted in the last 2 days that I’m starting to forget what I had commented on the first

  7. Bobbie says

    Thanks John and i fully understand where you are coming from this site is about you and so I guess you would want me to showcase a similar site about me if i was to add a link. I think that the site is great so diverse and lots of great topics

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