Get Your Virtual Haircut and Other Auditory Illusions

John P.

Holophonic RecordingMy buddy Hrafn over at Think Artificial found this fantastic audio recording that sounds exactly like you’re getting a haircut. I thought it was so cool that I had to do some research.

These are called Holophonic sounds and are made to be listened to with headphones. They are recorded with a dummy head that has two microphones, one in each ear. The shape of the head and ears must be similar to a human head.

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The Virtual Haircut (Download Zip):
Virtual Haircut

The Holophonic Matchbox (Download Zip):
Holophonic Matchbox

A Woman’s Voice (Download Zip):
Woman’s Voice

Blow Drying (Download Zip):

Tuning Fork (Download Zip):
Tuning Fork

Shears (Download Zip):

Dogs Running (Download Zip):
Dogs Running

Dogs Barking (Download Zip):
Dogs Barking

Loud Frogs (Download Zip):
Loud Frogs

Sexy Woman’s Invitation (Download Zip):
Sexy Woman’s Invitation

Jazz Band (Download Zip):
Jazz Band

Flutes in Singapore (Download Zip):
Flutes in Singapore

Digital Vivaldi (Download Zip):
Digital Vivaldi

Crumpling Bag (Download Zip):
Crumpling Bag

By the way, I was contacted by the guys who actually made the Virtual Haircut, and they have a new 3D Audio game coming that uses the same technology here: Check it out!


  1. Yash says

    thanx for sharing the list similar to virtual barber shop…………………stumbled it the moment i arrived here!!

  2. Mel says

    as a women with long hair, I found the virtual hair cut very frighting. The shaver was too realistic for comfort :P

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