Night Photography of Washington D.C.

John P.

US Capital BuildingWhile spending a few weeks in the nation’s capital I decided to go visit a few of the famous sites and get some photos at night. You often see pictures of these famous monuments in the day, but I would argue that they are most beautiful after dark.

You also have the added benefit that there is almost no one around if you go after 10pm, especially on a weekday. So, here they are for your viewing amusement.

The Washington Monument:

Washington Monument

The Jefferson Memorial:

Jefferson Memorial Jefferson Memorial

The George Mason Memorial:

George Mason

The Library of Congress:

Library Of Congress

Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery:

Arlington National Cemetery

If people seem to find these interesting I’ll go back and take photos of more of the monuments. But it’ll take quite a few comments from interested people to get me to dedicated many more hours to driving around DC after dark…


  1. says

    I am a Photographer here in South Florida http// and I loved the idea of night shots. Sometimes when I go for day shots, there are to many people around the monuments.
    Great pictures

  2. says

    Nice images, I will be traveling in that direction in the near future and was wondering if there is a curfew after certain hours. I usually start out after eleven pm and finish up after sunrise.

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