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John P.

One Man's Blog Business CardsA couple of weeks ago I decided to order some business cards that I could hand out instead of having to write down my domain name on pieces of paper for people when my blog comes up in conversation. So, I went over to and gave their process a whirl.

It took me about 45 minutes to search through all of their different designs until I had finally decided on and customized my new cards. By the time I was done I ordered two sided, full color, glossy cards on the heaviest weight paper. Yeah, I’m a sucker for upgrades.

I found the entire process to be relatively simple. You pick the design you want, fill in a form with your info, then customize things by deleting unused fields, dragging others around to where you want them, and changing fonts if necessary. All in all, if you can use MS PowerPoint, you can create your own business cards.

I was generally pleased with the order process with only one exception… the pricing “scheme”. When you are designing your products the prices are really cheap. But where they get you is at the very end when it comes time to pay for shipping.

The standard shipping is 21 days for about $7.50. You can bump that up to 7 days for $15 or 3 days for even more. Anyway, when it came right down to it even with the shipping it was cheaper than local printers as well as a couple of other online printers that I looked into.

Now, after I completed the order for 1,000 of these babies for a grand total of $47 including shipping, the system game me an offer to get an extra 500 for only $4.50 more, so I took it. This means that 1,500 full color, two sided, heavy duty, glossy cards came to a grand total of $51.46 delivered.

Over the next week I began to receive e-mails almost every day from trying to sell me more and more stuff. It was so annoying that I had to actually use their unsubscribe function in the e-mail. It seems to me that when a company is this aggressive you also have to worry about them selling your address to other companies.

About a week later the cards arrived in the mail. Generally speaking I have to say I’m a bit disappointed with them, but only for one reason. In the screen capture above – which is what I saw when I was proofing the cards – all of the black on the front of the card is clearly the same color dark black. But when I received the cards there is a distinct color differential between the photo area at the top and the rest of the black background. To me, this destroys the aesthetics of the cards, though others have not noticed or told me it looks fine.

I intend to contact the company to ask them to be reprinted as they appear on screen, then we’ll find out what kind of customer service they actually offer. But all in all I would say that so far I would not order from them again. The combination of Spamming me, extraordinarily high shipping costs, and marginal quality printing don’t leave me wanting to rush out and order more from them.

If anyone else knows of a great online printing company please share your experience down in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Rick says

    Twice i ordered from Vista Print, twice my credit card was hacked around the same time. I’ll never use them again.

  2. says

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  3. Wren says

    You all should monitor your bills. Vistaprint is also known for selling the credit card numbers of customers to opt-out programs. A dollar here and a dollar there, most people don’t notice so they never opt-out.

    Over-night prints, Moo cards… all much better than Vistaprint.

  4. Al says

    I ordered business cards, and paid with PayPal, now they sent a email, refuse to print till I pay, even with proof that it was paid ,I filed a dispute with PayPal, but never again will I order from this company, and hope anyone else wouldn’t.

  5. mike says

    Forgot to say, biggest con of all, free delivery dissapears on final payment section. Very annoying after spending so much time picking up the design, filling etc. (Don`t know about US but in UK)

  6. mike says

    I purchased from them once and will never again.
    Very dissapointed with background colour.
    I picked a sandy colour. When cards arrived it is dirty white.
    Quality of the cards also rubbish.
    Never never again and will never refer them.

  7. Fern says

    I bought one of those coupon deals for a $5 photo book (called Photo Flip book on the Vistaprint website). It was horrible, very unfriendly software. Full of glitches, photos wouldn’t load properly, format was all wrong, I had to keep logging in and out dozens of times every night I logged on to finish the photobook. Because of this I took a lot longer to complete it and it was extremely frustrating doing it over and over becuase the software didn’t load the photos properly.

    I also agree with the silly pricing scheme for postage- pay more if you want it done faster than 3 weeks.

    I still haven’t received the item- I just ordered it last night and have to wait 3 weeks for delivery. I am now wondering about the quality of the printing and end result after reading all the above reviews.

    All in all a very disappointing experience just trying to customise my order and I will never order from them again, unless everything is free.

  8. Felicity Dakin says

    After using vista once and getting spammed then receiving junk floppy cards, we now use They cost more, but service is excellent and cards are the absolute best quality. You will need a design that is ready to print, no crappy template card designs with these guys, but they will design a card or you for a small fee.

  9. Jeff says

    Just received my first – and last – order from VistaPrint. As many others are, I am very disappointed in what I received for the money invested. Support your local print shop.

    1) The lure of a low price dissolved at checkout after shipping and upsell to heavy stock “premium” paper, which is barely cardstock. First mistake.

    2) I approved the image on the design page, based on what I saw depicted in their proof image. I approved “exactly the way it appears here.” Images on the subsequent pages in the design process, though, clearly show the my approved image truncated along the perimeter. Thinking that was just an issue with their website design, I didn’t worry about it. Second mistake.

    Because “exactly the way it appears here” is not what I received. The cards are about 1-2 mm smaller in both dimensions than a normal business card, and that is not disclosed anywhere I could find.

    As a result, the nice border graphic I added to the edge of my image is mostly gone, except for along the top and left sides, indicating that they were printed off-center and crooked as well. Yes, there is a dotted line and and an admonition to make sure that “important” text and graphics are within that line, but no warning like “…everything outside this line will be removed.” I guess they expect the consumer to take bleed into consideration in their design.

    As others have mentioned, I have a high end business and I simply cannot use these cards to represent it. I’ll go back to my local printer to have this redone, and regard this simplay as $95.00 in “stupid tax.”

  10. Alcivar says

    I ordered the premium glossy business cards from Vistaprint. Cards look good however I was unhappy when I realized the cards were smaller than standard. That’s not what I paid for as far as I’m concerned. The fact is, a smaller card can actually be overlooked if it’s mixed with other standard cards. I’ve done this myself because if you flip through them with your finger tip you can miss the smaller card. Because of this I feel Vistaprint rightfully should be considered a substandard service, at least as far as business cards go.

  11. TH says

    I ordered 2000 business cards from vista print for my company. I used the exact same template for 2 different employees. Each box of cards was off center either horizontally, vertically or just plain crooked. They were all cut terribly wrong. I would not recommend vista print unless its for a school project and you don’t want a good grade.

  12. says

    Easy to design. But cheap cards as advertised ends up very expensive. Poor Poor quality of card used. No thought from there end. We had made a mistake with our logo and it only had part of our company name. You would have thought they would look and think thats not right and contact us. Shocking that they charge roughly from £5 for delivery within 21 days and up to £15 for a week. What you dont know is that the slowest delivery arrived within a week. The only good thing with them is they are going to reprint on better card for nothing. Good job because we were going to ask for our money back. The silver card holder was very good quality. Would not buy cards again from there.

  13. Joseph says

    Not Happy…!
    Cards are smaller then normal…
    Major problem was background color was supposed to be Black…
    They are Gray and very cheep LQQKing…
    I have a Hi End Business with Low End business cards…?
    SATISFACTION GARANTEE…! But can’t find and Email to say I’m Not Satisfied…!
    J J from New Jersey

    • Anon says

      You claim to have a high-end business, but yet you use very poor grammar and cannot spell. I highly doubt you have any business at all, unless it’s pawn shop that you run out of your trailer.

  14. says

    My experience with Vista Print was to be expected with most discount warehouse type places…. You get what you pay for! The process was easy, sure, cheaper, yes, but the quality, AWFUL!

    I’ve been printing my own business cards for over 9 years (through other vendors) along with coordinating production for too many clients to name.. I, like many others, found a coupon to test out at vista print and figured I would give it a try. I ordered their “new heavier stock paper” thinking that it was going to be thick enough for a door stop the way it’s advertised, and what I was after. However, it was the exact opposite. If this is their “thick” stuff I can’t imagine their normal card weight. Also, when it was all said and done my coupon didn’t work!

    My biggest beef was just the sloppiness and overall print quality on the job. The cut is horrible and the print looks miserable. Keep in mind that this is the exact same business card that I have had printed at various places off and on now for nearly 10 years. So I know what it should look like and what a good job is. Overall, I would not recommend these guys to anyone. Too many other places that might not be as cheap, but certainly not expensive, that you can go to and get a WAY WAY better quality product start to finish.

    I’ve had a lot of success with this company in the past and plan to throw my vista print cards in the trash and start over with this company:

    p.s. – I should mention that I did get a card holder with my name on it for like 20 bucks that is pretty cool. But funny how the best thing I received from them is not what they promote or advertise about being the best at! Just my .02….

    Mike Richards

    • shirley shao says

      I should have looked at your reviews before I ordered 1000 business cards from vista print. It’s aweful. The color is very different from the proof and looks ugly. The cuting is really bad. I would feel really bad if I use these cards to present my business!

  15. Sam says

    Anyone thinking of doing business with Zazzle be warned!
    I ordered 100 of their cards over a month ago now. At a cost of almost $50 they were very expensive but I loved the design.
    I was supposed to receive them between 5 – 12 days after final production but have as yet not received anything.
    I keep emailing them but so far have just received one reply – very early on – saying sorry for the delay.
    I’ve given up hoping the cards arrive now.
    A total rip off and terrible customer service!

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