One Man’s Blog Now #1 on Technorati

John P.

OMB Number 1 on TechnoratiOK… OK… maybe not. But just now when I went and checked to see if there were any new links to this site, Technorati did indeed claim that this blog is #1 and even gave me the “Top 100” icon! (Check the image for proof.)

I swear I didn’t do any hacking of the HTML or anything. And this just goes to prove that Technorati has some serious issues.

I guess I should back up and explain a little. Technorati is a site that basically keeps track of the popularity of Blogs. They are tracking about 70 million + of them and thanks to all of YOU reading this, One Man’s Blog has managed to climb into the Top 5,000 blogs. (Currently hovering around 4,300). I like to periodically check my ranking because:
Technorati Number 1

  • A.) It’s kind of cool and fun to do.
  • B.) I like to check out the sites of people who link to me because we often have common interests.

Now, this isn’t the first time that I’ve noticed the service doing strange things. There have been other times when it wouldn’t give me a proper count, or show the right rank or things like that, but I’ve never been #1 before.

As much as I’d like to just leave it this way and feel like king of the ‘Net, there is a much smaller part of me that would like them to work out these kinks so that I can actually keep an eye on the changing landscape.


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    Yeah, they’ve fixed the issue now. But apparently this was systemwide and at that particular time, on that particular day, EVERY blog was ranked #1! :-)

    If you follow the link of that first pingback on this post Robert Gorell wrote a better article than I did in which he found a lot more data…


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