Man Detained by TSA for Arabic Writing on T-Shirt

John P.

RaedJarrarI was tipped off to this ACLU article by T-Critic, whom I have a daily subscription to and always enjoy seeing the new T-Shirt designs.

Did you know that wearing a t-shirt with Arabic writing to an airport is the equivalent of a person wearing a t-shirt at a bank stating, I am a robber? No? Then you clearly don’t work with the TSA, who barred Reed Jarrar over there from boarding his flight at JFK because his shirt had terrifying non-Roman characters on it.

The shirt did also have English characters under the Arabic script (it says “We will not be silent”, no, but you certainly will be delayed), but that could easily be a terrorist trick, trying to convince gullible American infidels that the shirt doesn’t actually say “If you can read this I am going to run this airplane into the Kennedy Center.”

The ACLU has taken Jarrar’s case and they encourage passengers across the nation to show up at airports in t-shirts with big cartoon bombs on them or that say “Big Johnson Says You Can Tell a Lot About a Man by the Size of His Shoe Bomb” because frankly donations have been way up over the last couple years.

In my opinion this type of religious and racial discrimination is as wrong as the Japanese internment camps during WWII, and I hope the TSA agent involved is fired, sued into bankruptcy, and scorned by society. Oh, and don’t fly JetBlue either.

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    I could not disagree with you more. Really. There is nothing you could say which I would be more opposed to.

    Your attitude seems to that people should not wear a shirt that says “We will not be quite” for the greater good? This is not a guy who was trying to earn a buck. It’s just a guy who was wearing a freaking T-shirt! His shirt could have been written in English, Spanish, or any other language and the TSA would not have stopped him.

    Underlying what happened here is a classic violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Freedom of speech is the single most important freedom a person can have. As I’ve said before, from it all other freedoms flow.

    How would you like it if I were to delete your response to this article? And every time you try to respond I’ll just keep deleting it? Or better yet, how about if I edit it to make you look really bad? You aren’t going to like that.

    If you want to wear a T-shirt that says “Vote for McCain” or “Vote for Obama” it would be a political statement also. So your comment about public safety on the airline being threatened by any T-shirt is almost criminally stupid. And if I had been standing beside this guy and any passenger started giving him a hard time because he was wearing a T-shirt written in a foreign language, they’d have been dealing with me first.

    John P.

  2. JOhn says

    You people are out of your mind. If you are stupid enough to wear a shirt like that to the airport you should not even be aloud on the plane. Yes it is discrimination, but there is a point where the rights of passengers safety are more important than some idiot trying to make some money and bad publicity off the airlines. I totaly agree with the airlines. If they didnt do something I am sure a passenger would have. It is very rude of a guest in this country to take advantage of us. He deserves a good american ass kicking.

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    This happens all the time, unfortunately, very few people know their legal rights and never follow up on the issue fearing they’ll get humiliated. It’s good to see this guy had the courage to take actions.

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    I really understand JetBlue concerns. We have always to remember 9/11 disaster. We have to know that people may get scared from these words on his T-Shirt. However, i am sorry for what happened to him also.

  5. منتديات says

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