WordCamp 2007: Andy Skelton’s Musical Interlude

John P.

Andy SkeltonAndy Skelton was kind enough to grace us all with some original songs while everyone was partaking of the Bar-BQ lunch on Sunday June 22, 2007 at WordCamp in San Francisco.

After a funny little mic check Andy launches right into two of his original songs. Everyone got a kick out of it, and it was a nice break in an otherwise long (though interesting) day of lectures.

As stated in the video, Andy does hold copyright on these songs (he gave me verbal permission to film and share them) so if you would like to turn one into a platinum single please contact him and I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to work out a deal.


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    Please feel free to embed any/all of the WordCamp videos!

    Hopefully you know that if you use this tag you can see all of the ones I’ve finished so far. I’m about 50% done as the transfer, editing, transcoding and uploading process takes a long time. :-(

    Anyway, I’ll continue posting one or two each week until I get the rest of the videos completed.

    Take care,


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