Ray Crowe’s Incredible Shadow Puppet Show

John P.

Shadow PuppetsRay Crowe is one of Australia’s leading contemporary magicians. And his shadow puppet show has become (as I understand it) his signature closing.

The popularity of Ray Crowe amongst his peers and audience is such that he was invited to become the first ever Australian Magician to be on the now famous NBC TV Special – “Worlds Greatest Magic”.

The show was viewed by over 20 million people worldwide and Crowe ended up getting a standing ovation from the 3,000 magicians in attendence.


  1. Heather says

    I would like to use the image above as a derivative illustration for a children’s book and was wondering whose permission I would need to ask. I love it ad it is exactly perfect for the image needed. Could you please tell me if it is copyrighted or open and available for use. Thank you.

  2. says

    The power went out in our house last night and when I gave my daughter the flashlight, the FIRST thing she did was try to do her own shadow puppets. She was even singing the song. I completely forgot we watched it the night before, it was adorable :)

  3. says

    Dude! John – that was so awesome!! My daughter, Sammie, and I just LOVED it!! And that song is such a sweet song, too! Sammie says that she would give anything to be able to do that!

    I’m just completely amazed! :)

  4. says

    Wow.. I the baby hand was the coolest. When you’re a parent you understand – those are the moments you miss as the little ones grow :(

    He’s amazing in the transitions though. Anyone can learn how to make a shadow puppets, but the real skill is transitioning from one to another so flawlessly.

    If anyone’s seen America’s Got Talent this season there was a ventriloquist who could sing just about anything and did so with so much charisma and skill that you actually got used to the idea that the puppet was singing. I bet we’re going to be seeing a lot of his youtube coverage soon :)

    Just googled and his name is Terry Fator, here are a few youtube links of his. One of the few acts I really thought I’d take the kids to go see :) His ability to get such range with his mouth closed is just mind blowing!

    Here’s a link to him doing “What a wonderful world” as well :)


    Here’s one of him doing “Unforgettable”


    The guy just rocks.. I love this stuff ;)

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