Steve Jobs and the First Ever Macintosh circa 1984

John P.

The First Apple MacintoshThanks to Sean from Geek With Laptop we’ve got the first ever demonstration of a MacIntosh computer by Steve Jobs.

This post is dedicated to Terry and Debbie who both mercilessly persecute me for being a die hard PC user and paying no homage whatsoever to the Mac.


  1. Gordon J Milne says

    I think that you are a die hard Windows user. These days virtually everyone is a PC user of some description.

  2. says

    Me and the mac are both 23 :) Who would of thought back then that computers would evolve so fast, my phone has more power than then super computers of back then hehe

  3. says

    I remember how passionate the earlier days were, I can empathize with him. It’s remarkable to know that such a revolution (not necessarily with Jobs, but with the computing world in general) may not come again for decades. Something as ubiquitous as computers are now taken for granted.. with embedded processors and compact memory, we not only could be carrying computers, but actually wearing them around. :o

  4. says

    I’m right there with you on the diehard PC fan. I’ve played around with MAC’s when I was in design school, and I could see its value, but I still can’t let go of my good ‘ol PC.

  5. says

    I love this clip I’ve watched it so many times.. Did you notice he is almost tearing up after introducing it? I also love the music they play when they show it

  6. Terry says

    And I thought I was being mercilessly persecuted for using a mac by you. :) I love the video thought, it funny to see Jobs in a suit and bow tie. There is also a video of Jobs and Gates doing a version of the Dating Game with Jobs as the host and Gates as a suitor for the Mac platform. I will try to find it and post it.

  7. says

    You know it’s kind of bittersweet watching these old videos. I grew up in the 80’s as a child and I remember when my dad would go off to the local Computer User Group meetings and come home with cool stories of things called Sound Blasters :)

    Now with smartphones, myspace, google, and a connected world, I only hope that I can show my children where it all came from and inspire some sort of awe.

    “What’s so special about a computer you can actually carry, daddy?”

    I know I’ll get that someday :)

    PBS had a GREAT documentary on these guys back in the old days called “Triumph of the Nerds”:

    There was also a followup docudrama called “Pirates of Silicon Valley”:

    Which Steve Woz gave a pretty bold thumbs up regarding accuracy (aside from a few points):

    The personalities and incidents are accurate in the sense that they all occurred but they are often with the wrong parties (Bill Fernandez, Apple employee #4, was with me and the computer that burned up in 1970) and at the wrong dates (when John Sculley joined, he had to redirect attention from the Apple III, not the Mac, to the Apple II) and places (Homebrew Computer Club was at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) … the personalities were very accurately portrayed

  8. says

    LOL, Steve Jobs has hair!

    That’s the first thing I said too…lmao

    I would have loved to have one of these when they came out :)
    I have a calculator that has more power

    And the Crowd goes wild for the taking computer !!! :D

  9. says

    LOL, Steve Jobs has hair! It’s funny how people are so amazed at what the mac could do in 1984, it would be funny to see that same audience watching a new imac.

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