Where’s OSHA When You Need ‘em?

Here in the US we have laws governed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which are meant to protect workers from unsafe conditions. But apparently OSHA is on holiday right now. Meanwhile the rest of the world needs to be adopting some safety standards too, or they are going to be ending up headlining the Darwin Awards.

Take this photo for example: “Let me just drive this forklift off the dock… while carrying a bomb!”

Forklift Accident with Bomb

Just imagine what this little Asian guy looks like when he takes off his shirt! He must be built like a mini Schwarzenegger.

Crazy Chinese Holding Ladder

Do you think his last words were, “Let me just get this last weld on the gas tank…”

Welding a Gas Tank

Let me get this straight. He’s going to paint the entire side of a building with a brush, by hand, on ladders lashed together 4 stories high?

Painting on Ridiculous Ladder

Note: Bare feet on aluminum ladder sitting in pool of water with electrical cord dangling above. Nice.

Unsafe Ladder in Pool

Let’s assume that’s all styrofoam strapped to the bicycle. What happens if a strong wind blows?

Funny Bike

Ok. 10 feet away is what looks like a 4″ pipe that goes up well beyond the roof. Why not just climb it?

3 Unsafe Ladders Tied Together

What the hell is he pointing at, and where does he think he’s going?

Stuck in a Tree

Now what? The second forklift driver isn’t even at the controls!

Daisy Chain Forklifts

Do you think the rich guy that hired them to trim the hedges is fully insured?

Ladder on Ladder

These guys don’t look like they work for the electric company to me.

Ladder in a Bucket

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  1. jeremy

    chris you are pretty damn stupid, lol. LACK of safety laws & the United States are in no way
    related. We have the most thorough OSHA in the world, so WHO knows or cares what you are even talking about……although it DOES sound like youre hatin’ on America a lil’ bit.HAHA, understandable!

  2. Chris

    Nice one John! In the UK our government and press are trying to do away with Safety laws and go back to the good old days of death and injury. This is reverse common sense is being mainly upheld by our greedy ‘lawyers’ who want us to have the US style blame then claim culture. More Safety Officers are needed and fewer ‘lawyers’ may be someone will see sense one day!

  3. Brian Friel

    Those pictures are great. I’m sure a few are photoshopped, but the reality is that people really do find ways to do the stupidest things! People trying to tie ladders together is exactly why organizations like OSHA were created. I’m pretty sure that OSHA stood for Outrageously Stupid Human Acts in the beginning.


  4. Mike N.

    The forklift with the bomb did not go off the dock. It picked up the load off the rack on the side but the load is off center so the back end came off and the truck headed backward (notice the scrapes on the ground).

  5. Kris

    That dude on the bike with the styrofoam looking stuff… I see that ALL the time here in South Korea. I’ve only lived here a few months and I am still kicking myself everytime I go out without my camera. The most shocking thing I’ve seen in a guy on a scooter with stuff strapped to the back (much like styropfoam rider) passing our bus, and on the back a little child clung to it like a suction cup toy in the back window of a minivan.

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