1. has anyone considered the rotation of the earth as a factor. i know its not the needed force to move these rocks but it could help!

  2. Not bad! Desolate Desert, windy, cold, wet, rare and (when frozen) inaccessible! Such an event, only a patient multi-copter robot of the future will ever witness. It’s far too cold and boring for humans to wait for. This explanation makes perfect sense to me.

    Drive a round stake next to one and “anchor” it to it’s surrounding ice. Perhaps you can force a rock to pivot (attached to the ice) around the stake, leaving “proof grooves” in the mud. Just a thought.

  3. Its Electric Tune! . The Area is unique electron charges can be every where in high peak mountain and surrounding area. As Electric tune resonate in appropriate frequency and the speed almost speed of light it will flood in the area by this wave. The embedded clay is acting like resistor to avoid grounding of the energy also we known that ice water is isolator also. Heating or Cooling the rock materials make the electric tune penetrates as tunneling/duality effect and charge. The Continuous of electric tune absorbed by rock it will reverse the gravitation and the force come out and make movement. First we need small lift to make a movement in any mobile to work. Did somebody test the changes in weight of this rocks?

    In Ancient history I think that whole area of Egypt is one time full of mountain peaks and Rocks. And Electric tune was flooded by the area. One depiction shown for electric tune was in dendera where snake inside the rock. Its electric tune inside the rock to releif in weights.

    Hope my theory helps!

  4. If the water moves the stones, then they would just be floating across the surface, not dragging. So they wouldn’t leave a trail behind, right?

    • Well, no. If the water is moving fast enough, it could push it along. This isn’t speaking directly about the article, but in terms of physics, the rocks could have been pushed along by the water. And, it just occurred to me that you said floating. Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but I DOUBT that those rocks can float.

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