Asteroids – The Arcade Classic

John P.

AsteroidsContinuing this week’s theme of Classic Arcade Games I present, for your paying pleasure, the classic Asteroids.

The controls are simple.

  • Left and right arrow keys rotate your ship
  • Up arrow key turns on the thruster
  • Spacebar fires
  • “P” pauses the game
  • “Y” starts a new game
  • “Shift” gives you the hyperspace jump.

There is only one problem with this game. After all of your lives are gone it basically locks up. That’s not too much of a problem though. Just refresh the page and you’re ready to go at it again!


  1. says

    It’s such a simple game (and concept), and yet it is still fun! I mean, the graphics are never going to amaze anyone (it’s just white lines for crying out loud), but a classic is still classic!

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