Don’t Talk on the Cell Phone While Driving

John P.

Demolished Toyota 4Runner - FrontSorry I’ve been pretty vacant for the last few days, but on Monday evening I got a call that my brother and his fiance were in a terrible car wreck down in Houston. My wife packed my stuff in about 20 minutes while I prepared and then headed out for the 4 hour drive.

It turns out that a woman ran a red light and plowed into the side of my brother’s Toyota 4Runner as he was crossing the intersection. She hit his SUV on the side in the rear, causing the vehicle to spin and then roll multiple times. The police officer later informed us that she admitted she was talking on her cell phone and not paying attention.

Destroyed Toyota 4Runner - Front Driver's SideAs I said, the collision caused the 4Runner to roll several times, and when it finally stopped it had come to rest on it’s hood. This left my brother and future sister-in-law hanging upside down by the seatbelts. Thankfully they were wearing them!

Destroyed Toyota 4Runner - Front Right CornerAt this point Kirk was smelling gas and Jenny was hanging unconscious. He had to get himself unbuckled, then get her unbuckled and drag her to the back of the vehicle to go out through the rear door since none of the other doors could be opened.

Destroyed Toyota 4Runner - InteriorWhen the fire department and EMS technicians arrived they put both of them on backboards and took them to the hospital where they remained for about 2 days undergoing every test under the sun. Amazingly the only broken bone was in Kirk’s nose, though there were plenty of other soft injuries.

Destroyed Toyota 4Runner - Driver's SideI decided to share this story with you all because it seems like we need constant reminders of why we should drive safely and, at least for me, hearing about a friend or family member going through an ordeal like this usually serves as a wake up call.

Destroyed Toyota 4Runner - WindshieldSo when you are driving around this week please remember to be extra careful, and if someone calls you on your cell phone tell them you will call them back when you aren’t driving.

Here is a video walk through of the vehicle’s remains to go along with the photos.


  1. says

    I’m so sorry that your family was in this terrible accident. How are they doing today? Any lingering effects? Thank you for posting this important story in the hope others would learn from it. You have convinced me NEVER to talk on the cell phone while driving again. I had been thinking vaguely about how dangerous it is, and this story with your pictures was the final piece of the puzzle for me to understand it. I can’t thank you enough for sparing me from some foolish accident. Thank you again.

    Best regards,

  2. Lint Filter says

    I was about to buy a new car stereo with Bluetooth so I could make phone calls. Now I don’t think I’ll even make the phone calls.

  3. Wes S. says

    I am also a Toyota 4Runner owner, infact i have two, seeing this 4Runner and knowing all they recieved was a broken nose, is amazing, I will never get another car except a 4Runner for this reason, THEY ARE THE BEST.

  4. Asia says

    Hi. I am a person doing a report on why not to talk on cell phones while driving.
    i was soo interested . well it was very good.

  5. says

    And this is exactly why I was so surprised to learn that talking on your cell phone while driving is perfectly legal in America (at least in Ohio).

    In the UK we’ve had a ban on using a phone while driving for a very long time, and it is now a major traffic offence.

    You wouldn’t answer the phone when you’re in the middle of a meeting with a client, would you? So why answer it while you’re driving? People really can wait, you know!

  6. says

    The good thing is that they are ok. As for talking on cell phone while driving every now and then we hear things about this and here in my country there is always some campaign going on to discourage this but nobody seems to listen until they get into a tangle and not every body is as lucky.Hope after reading this article people stop talking on cell phone.

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