The Jesus Illusion

John P.

The Jesus IllusionHold on, hold on. Before everyone goes and gets all upset with me, this is not a jab at Christianity. It’s actually an illusion that features Jesus!

You might need to stare at the lines for a few minutes, but after a little while you’ll begin to see the outline of a figure. I found it helpful to actually step away from the monitor to really see the image pop out.

Obviously, this is an optical illusion. But it was also an entry in some sort of design competition or an ad or something. If anyone knows more about where this came from please share with the rest of us.

The Jesus Illusion


  1. Tony says

    hmmmm…don’t need to step away. If you have Windows PC, just click your Ctrl+the minus (-) keys and your screen will move back. To return it into focus, just do CTRL + Plus sign (+)

  2. says

    Cool optical illusion. Had to step back from the screen pretty far to see it though. Would be funny if this was randomly featured on some product bar codes.

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