Blog Rush Brings Your Blog Free Traffic – NOT!

John P.

Blog Rush Widget
EDIT: I removed the widget referenced below because after a few people installed it (including me of course) it turns out that the links which were appearing were to sites that did not even have the widget installed.

Additionally, the links were often extremely low quality since there was no quality control involved other than self-selection into the program. Bottom line: this service will take away more value than it will add. Sorry about the false start… it sounded great to begin with.

Some of you may have noticed that I just added a new widget to my sidebar. It’s called the Blog Rush widget, and it is a free article promotion service. Every time the page loads a few articles from similar blogs are shown in the widget. And for every time the widget is displayed on your blog, your latest articles will appear on another blog’s widget!

Most of the original post has been removed because the service did not pan out.


  1. Tom Barr says

    They sent out a very long apology email this morning. I have been seeing 80% of the links showing up as relevant and I am finding the widget on the destination page. For me it looks like it is working well for the most part but most of my sites are not in niches where scammers and spammers lurk. Remember Toyota’s Lexus line launch with a car that had defective brake lights, cruise controls, and alternators, so companies can always recover if they respond and own up.

  2. says

    Another “theory” on why links on the widget don’t go to other pages with the widget installed.

    There seems to be no requirement that the webpage your install the widget on and the RSS feed you supply to generate the links have to be the same.

    It I have several blogs, and one is very popular I can put the widget on that site and get logs of credits. But the RSS feed can link to a “less popular” site and this is where people go when items are clicked.

  3. says

    That stinks…I installed the widget on my site and thought it might bring in a little traffic. So far I’ve had ZERO results. Hopefully they’ll tweak it or make it worth people installing on their site.

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