My Invitation to The Playboy Passport Club

John P.

Playboy Passport InvitationWell, a little over a week ago I received my own personal invitation from Hugh Hefner to join the exclusive society of the Playboy Passport club. Ok, it was a form letter, and Hef probably hasn’t even heard my name yet. But the invite does have his signature on it.

What is Passport you may ask? Well, according to Playboy:

Playboy Passport is the elite members-only concierge service dedicated to providing its members exclusive access to the best in dining, nightlife, travel, and special events.

It’s also limited to 1,000 people worldwide. Forever.

Playboy Passport Invitation CompleteNow, a lot of different sites on the Internet have been talking about Playboy Passport in the past month or so. But, to my knowledge, I’m the only person who has actually received an invite that is writing about it. So, here are the first photos of what an actual invitation looks like.

It came via FedEx (or UPS… I didn’t pay attention) overnight, and it’s in a classy silver package about the size of a large book. Inside is a personal invitation letter that starts out:

Playboy Passport Invitation LetterDear John,

For over 50 years Playboy has been turning fantasy into reality. Today I have the pleasure of continuing this tradition by inviting you to become a founding member of Playboy’s elite concierge program, Playboy Passport.

Playboy Passport Invitation InsideAlso enclosed is a guide to member benefits, a very nice brochure, and five extraordinary holograms. They are much nicer than any other holograms I’ve seen before.

So, now we have a decision to make… namely, whether or not to accept the invitation.

This is an exclusive club. But it is also an expensive one. I’m waiting on answers to a few questions and have not yet made a decision. So, feel free to chime in if you have an opinion. In the meantime, here are a few of the benefits that come along with membership:
Playboy Passport Invitation

  • Global travel and reservation services including airport lounge access, hotel upgrades, and access to private jets and yachts.
  • Invitations to restaurant openings, chef’s table dinners, and exclusive dining experiences.
  • VIP access to the hottest clubs and lounges around the world (of course, I’m allergic to smoke).
  • VIP access to signature Playboy events at the Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby as well as the Playboy Golf Scramble, Playboy Poker Camp, Playboy Jazz Festival, Playboy boutique openings and events, Playboy magazine issue release parties, and more…
  • Exclusive, dedicated events at the Playboy Mansion and Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas.
  • Invitations to regional member events and networking functions.

I suppose if Hef were to actually call me I’d pretty much HAVE to accept the invitation, but I don’t really see that happening…

So. What would you do if you were me?


  1. Robert Suggs says

    I agree with everything the Geczi states except one thing. Hell yes u should join! If your’re single and have the money to live that lifestyle, then it’s a no brainer. Unless u know another way to hang out with super hot naked chicks that will be paid to love u for free.

  2. says

    As tempting as it sounds, I wouldn’t do it. I think they are trying to bank on their name, and in the news I have heard that they have been struggling, to a point, in growing their brand name. So, I just think this is an extension of one of their brainstorm sessions at the Playboy mansion.

    I think it’s a lot of fluff, but no substance, at least not for that price. If it were me, I would pass. Good luck in whatever you choose to do with it.

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