No More Ads for Regular Readers of OMB!

John P.

All of my regular readers need to be giving thanks to Donncha Almighty for creating the new Friends Don’t Let Friends See Adverts plugin!

Donncha told me how he was selectively filtering ads so that he didn’t show them to his regular readers, and I was so intrigued I kept asking him how to do it. Well, he went one step further and wrote a plugin to make it all that much simpler for PHP hacks like me!

So, if you aren’t seeing ads today it’s all Donncha’s doing. And he’s a regular reader here so feel free to thank him in the comments!

PS – If you are seeing ads, they’ll go away if you do one of the following:

  • Register and login.
  • Leave a comment.
  • Very soon… Read them within the first 5 days of being published (give me a day or two and I’ll get this fixed).
  • Use your bookmarks to visit.

This means that the site will basically be entirely supported by advertising from transient visitors going forward. This would include random search engine visitors, Diggers, and other sites referring traffic.

If anyone has suggestions for improvement please let me know. And in a week or two after I gather sufficient data on how these changes impact revenues I’ll post a complete write up with all the details.


  1. says

    I actually kind of like seeing Adense ads on sites I visit, a lot of times the ads are complementing the site. Other times the ad text is just plain silly so I gotta click to find out what they are about…


  2. says

    Thanks Tom. I’m glad you didn’t feel they were intrusive before. But I think it’s even better now that they are non-existant to my regular readers! :-)

    Take care,


  3. Tom Barr says

    I never really noticed ads, you weren’t over doing it and I don’t have a problem with sites paying the bills with non-intrusive ads.

  4. says

    You guys are way, way over-thinking this thing. :-) The Google PR goes up and down all the time. For all we know, it could be a 9 in a few weeks. Yes, I’ve had that happen before. It sometimes bounces between 7-9, but it doesn’t really matter to me.


  5. says

    You got too many outgoing links but then again, you got lots of incoming links too… I guess the pr8 has a higher ratio of outoing vs incoming (maybe like 1/10k or 100k?)

  6. says

    Huh? Not sure what you mean, what search terms are you using? When I search for “upgrade zen hard drive” it’s right near the top. What were you searching for?

    But I should say, whatever you’ve noticed wouldn’t be related to the fact that I’m now hiding the ads from regular users… It may however have to do with the fact that I noticed last night the Google PageRank of OMB went from 8 to 7 for some strange reason.

    But these things go up and down constantly, so I don’t know what that is all about or how temporary it is.


  7. says

    Hey, that’s top secret work you’re doing! You’re not supposed to mention that in public yet or you risk exposing the mission! ;-)

    Seriously though, for those of you lucky enough to be reading the comments and having caught mention of this… Donncha is working on a plugin that I believe will literally change WordPress forever! Stay tuned…

    Thanks for all the help with this Donncha. Now when I can just get the thing working where brand new posts don’t show ads for a few days I’ll be happy!


  8. says

    I block all ads with kepersky anyways :D

    btw, I tried to login at class and I got an error :(
    Then when I went to the error key thing, it timed out.. ?

  9. says

    I’ve heard mention of that plugin before, but it’s nice to see it in action. Thanks for moving this way (even though it might mean less support initially)!

  10. says

    Wow, I was pondering the same thing, but finding that balance between “regular” and “casual” was kind of hard to define.. I love WP for this very reason – the community!

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