Kristina Kireeva – The Incredible Contortionist

John P.

Kristina KireevaI came across this video labeled “The worlds most flexible woman” about Kristina Kireeva. I’m not sure exactly how you would measure flexibility, but I am sure that no one could possibly beat her by much!

Here is an interview with Kristina conducted by CircusLand that sheds light on a few details. Kristina began training at the age of 12 and comes from an entire family of circus performers! Her mother, father and brother are all in the circus.

Here is Kristina up close and personal demonstrating the kind of flexibility that makes me cringe as I watch her.


  1. King Jade Akeem says

    honestly speaking, i normally watch this kind of pple. D way they bend kind of makes me wounder if there is bone in the human body. what can i really say? ouch she is incredible, fantastic, lovely, sweet. She is the best. I even have a video of her right now. mtweeeew let me watch her again.

  2. jose says

    whew! She is gorgeous, sexy and pretty.. And she got a good talent. I always watch her video and stil wondering how was she feel when she bend her body, anyway id like to meet her in person. If their could be a chance. Haha! Good luck . .

  3. says

    Eeeks! Contortionists freak me out! There was a video posted at Punkymoms recently about these three girl contortionists, from quite some time ago. It’s pretty funny – let me see if I can find it….

    Ah! I found it, here it is:

    It’s pretty cute, except for the gross parts – you know, that spine-bending stuff. *shiver* I just can’t take that!

  4. says

    i saw a similar contortionist exhibition in the bus tv today … freaked me out

    to us it may seem as if it’s pain, but to them, i think its pretty normal

    i’ve few friends who have flexible joints, one or two who could eg bend their fingers akward to the back, but contortionist takes the cake!

  5. says

    Wow that’s some pretty interesting (and a bit gross) stuff! It doesn’t really look like a lot of that is extraordinary, though. All of the splits, etc look like other people would be able to do it. However, the spine-bending stuff where she bends forward or backwards is pretty out there!

    On another note, I wonder what she does when she wants to stretch. Is she always just loose or does she need to warm up?

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