The Most Hazardous Job on Earth

Men in a 400 Ton Metal Press
John P.

Men in a 400 Ton Metal PressIt’s actually hard to believe that anyone would be willing to do this, but at some factory in China they have convinced a bunch of grown men to sit INSIDE a 400 ton metal press while it is stamping steel!

Holy crap! Folks, if something went wrong here, there would be nothing left of these guys but jelly!

This video pretty much makes the Where’s OSHA When You Need ’em photos look downright safe.

Many thanks to Tom Barr for sharing this with me!


  1. says

    I wouldn’t call it the most dangerous job in the world. It’s definitely a weird one. I hope they are wearing ear plugs though. Easy to go death after hearing that roar for hours and hours


  2. says

    It’s true the cost of living and the huge source of workers makes Chinese products inexpensive, but money needs to be spent on safety. As we can all see in the media — safety is becoming an issue for Chinese products.

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    It’s interesting to read all of the comments about how outrageous this is. And it’s not that I disagree because it IS outrageous. However, we all benefit from this type of activity by purchasing things from China. (And if you can’t tell from my name, I’m Chinese.) The workers aren’t at fault, they’re just trying to make a living. It’s the essential bottom-line that is to blame because that is ultimately why this would be done.

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    There’s a lot of manufacturing plants like this that still uses manual labor to switch materials on presses. It’s not like in developed countries where robotic arms are now being utilized to this kind of stuff. And workers here in the US complain about optimum working conditions. There’s also one thing that is not evident in this video. How much do you those workers are making to switch those pressed metals? And if they make a mistake and there is an accident, no workmen’s comp. or disability insurance.

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    Don’t sneeze … and if you want to take out your competition, just tie their shoelaces together. OK OK but in all seriousness: this is pretty sad and scary, but it does go to show that some things are just fundamentally different from culture to culture. Something like this would never fly in the States.

  6. Tom Barr says

    I worked many years in Manufacturing Engineering and there are some less obvious safety issues I noted. This type of press will not cycle lower than you see it going now so the real safety issue is getting hands in to the stamping die. In developed nations all workers would need to have both hands on palm buttons to cycle the press, this press appears to be cycling on a timed cycle. If a work mis-loads a part, they might reach in a lose a finger, hand or arm. If they don’t reach in the part or die could shatter or spring out. Where I worked we completely guard any pinch point with fixed shields or shields that would move into place before allowing the press to cycle.

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