Amazing Sport Acrobatics

Amazing Sport AcrobaticsI’ve seen a lot of really kick ass acrobatics, but I’ve never seen a compilation like this before! According to the description:

This video shows the 5 different disciplines of sports acrobatics. This videos were recorded 2006 at the world championships of sports acrobatics in Coimbra/Portugal.

But all I can say is that even after watching Kristina Kireeva the contortionist, the Urban Ninjas, the incredible World Class Breakdancers and Chloe Bruce’s Martial Arts – there is stuff here that you won’t see anywhere else!

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John P.

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  1. brook eshetu says:

    lov le.

  2. JasonJ says:

    Hopefully they are healthy but you never know. Their respective countires of origin have varied reputations for human rights and health.

  3. JasonJ says:

    No it’s not easy — it is really a special combination of training and genetics. Only a small amount of people are born with this sort of flexibility, and even fewer develop it.

  4. Urbanist says:

    **WARNING: Shameless Self-Linking Alert**

    Watching these I couldn’t help but think of urban acrobatics and parkour: somewhat more gritty and less elegant to be sure, but also really impressive. Like the acrobatics video above, the pros make it look deceptively easy:

  5. Brandon says:

    That’s pretty amazing, but those kids all looked pretty thin, doesn’t seem healthy. :(

  6. TheDane says:

    This is certainly not for fat old guys like me :)


  7. Had a nice evening with the family last night – gathered around One Man’s Blog!


    Really – hubby and I and our daughter sat here watching videos! It was great!

    Thanks, John!

  8. Derek Wong says:

    That is some pretty crazy stuff! It’s just amazing to see what kinds of things that people are able to do when they train and set their mind to it.

    I try to stretch each day but it’s nothing like that!

    Tom Barr’s comment amused me.

  9. Tom Barr says:

    Sticking your leg behind your ear is hard enough, having a friend or two pile on to the leg now that’s impressive. I guess this is what you do in China if you can’t get a job in side of 400 ton stamping press. :D

  10. MG says:


    Lately I’ve been trying more agility based workouts after buying a trampoline for my kids. Little things like upside pushups and balancing on other body parts (one handed pushups, etc) are so amazingly strenuous if you’re not sued to using those muscles, it’s eye opening to say the least.

    Kudos to the guys and gals that can do this.. it’s NOT easy!

  11. Sasha T. says:

    Wow. Some great stuff there :). Great gymnastics… Speechless I have to say :)


  12. Rhoody says:

    the best of those usually end up in a kinda circus/variete road-show (I don’t mean that where poodles jump throgh a ring…). Sad enuogh that they are worn out with 30, and no millionairs like sime big guys who just have to stand in a defense line and look angry in their costume…

  13. Those were amazing and disgusting and unbelievable and awesome and horrible and now all my joints hurt! ;)

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