The 10 Craziest Competitive Sports (You Never Heard Of)

Cheese Rolling
John P.

Cheese RollingHumans have been taking part in sporting events for thousands of years, and now we’ve got ESPN to broadcast them 24 hours a day! However, you aren’t going to see these gems on TV even if you’re watching at 2am.

We’ve got a little of everything here from Camel Wrestling to Bog Snorkelling and Cheese Rolling to Ladder Racing. And if anyone knows of other insane sports to add please drop a comment below. Now, on with the madness!

Ladder Racing:

Screw the ladder truck. I want THESE guys as firemen!

4WD Sand Dune Climbing:

Ok. That’s just not possible.

holy shit

Chess Boxing

I’ve got an idea… let’s take something extremely cerebral like chess and combine it with skull cracking boxing!

Wife Carrying

Hey, I’m 6’1″ and my wife is 4′ 10″. We’ve actually got a shot at this one!

Cheese Rolling

It’s not what you think! Drunken idiots throwing themselves down a hill! I can hear the bones crunching now.

Camel Wrestling

All right. I guess if you live in the desert with nothing better to do…


I hope these guys are wearing a cup. That metal bar is way too close to the family jewels to be doing these things on bikes.

Tow-in Surfing

I’ve seen surfing before, but never on waves so big you need a jet ski to pull you up to speed for. These guys are insane, and the guy in this video got caught in a real live Tsunami.

Free Soloing

People partaking of this sport are truly insane. As proof Dan Osman, the guy in this video, later lost his life doing this.

Bog Snorkelling

Even the dog didn’t want to swim in this crap.

When you’re done with these, mosey on over to WebUrbanist and check out the Extreme Urban Sports Videos! More insanity awaits.


  1. says

    Cheese Rolling – Its been happening for as far back as i can remember. I took part in it one year, never again… one of the chaps who ran the hill with me broke his neck…! and that was just one of the injuries for the day….! Its a laugh, but OMG…. just to be crowned king of cheese…! Loll…

  2. an eagle? says

    It’s clear you are a twat, I am English and guess what i refer to a toilet as… a TOILET, and so do my friends family and have only met one person who called it a bog, and he was Scottish. Oh, and most of the people speaking are Wlesh not English.

  3. Yo Man says

    I saw a video on cheese rolling on Talk about the potential of seriously getting hurt and wife carrying? I saw it on the german channel on tv last week. This guy dragged his wife through a puddle of water with her head under water.

  4. says

    Free soloing is absolutely insane. He truly is a real life spiderman, even has the red and blue outfit. I can’t imagine how firm this guys handshake must be. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie but I wouldn’t even dream of attempting it on even a small cliff.

  5. myrf says

    Hi Annie, could you give us some examples of crazy World Championships held in India?

    Also, does anyone know any more about the ladder climbing race please?


  6. Fawkes says

    When I first saw the title “Bog snorkelling” my first thought was that in English slang (and when I say English I am referring to a small nation where every citizen is either thoroughly retarded or wants a good beating by a stout rugby player wielding a large stick. This country is located on an island just north of mainland Europe on the island of Britain which is also where the great, wonderful, utopian land of Scotland is located, as well as Wales, which nobody outside of Wales cares a tinker’s cuss about. But at least they aren’t French.) a bog is a toilet. Also, you can tell by the retarded manner in which they are speaking that they are in England. So, how interesting would that be, snorkelling in a toilet?

  7. says

    You can tell that it’s skewed by the shape of the truck, but it’s still tough obviously – and that driver could have been easily killed if that truck rolled down the hill instead of righting itself first… props to the driver for getting lucky.

  8. says

    If you’re really that good, it’s not bragging, it’s just called “explaning”!!!

    If you DON’T self-promote, someone else has to do it for you…. so what!?! I’d rather hear it from YOU!!!

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