14 Year Old Crashes Dad’s BRAND New Mustang

Brand New Mustang Wrecked!
John P.

Brand New Mustang Wrecked!As a car lover, this is just painful to watch. But as a guy, it’s freakin hilarious!

Here is the setup… some guy literally just brought a brand new Ford Mustang home from the dealership. His family is out in the driveway looking at it and comparing it to his old classic Mustang sitting right beside the new one.

About this time, the 14 year old asks for the keys, and well… you’re going to have to just watch the video.

I’m just glad it wasn’t me!


  1. says

    Yeah it is working here again as well…

    I moved house 6 months ago and have been too lazy to set up my speakers… Now I just recently bought headphones, so I am catching up on a lot of videos and stuff :)


  2. John C. Randolph says

    What kind of an idiot gives car keys to a kid who’s not even old enough for a learner’s permit?


  3. BenW says

    that kid…dang, i just would not want to be him, and hey, at least i can drive stick jk, but no i just turned 15 and am good at it.

  4. says

    Ok, well – you and I would/did feel bad – this kid got some lame ‘punishment’ and then got to go out later that same night!

    The videographer emailed me back on YouTube. He said the front end and the passenger side were pretty messed up – he estimates $3,000-$5,000 damage, but, he’s not sure.

  5. says

    Completely.. when I did it, I wanted to run away.. I didn’t think I could possibly apologize enough.. My mom understood, but it was my uncle’s house that we were renting so he ultimately had to fix it. I still remember that terrible feeling to this day over a decade later!

  6. says

    I was 5 when I crashed my dad’s brandnew (2 day old) VW-beatle in germany 1975. Our house was on a small hill and he parked the car to get my mum. I was left in the car, played around and it start rolling backwards downhill. About 50 meters later hit another car and stopped.
    I was completely proud that I can drive a car… My parents saw that in a different way….


  7. says

    I was about this age when I loved to help my mom back in her minivan. Our garage split down the middle and .. well.. I ran into it. I can’t imagine how terrible that kid felt. I know I felt TERRIBLE!

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    Yeah I had wondered about that because I had the Top Commentators plugin myself a while back and I enjoyed the rolling 30 day window. So I was surprised to see that today. Glad to know that it’s not on purpose. (otherwise it’d be harder to maintain a position there!)

  9. says

    Uugh. Actually no, that is another glitch. The Top Commenters plugin should be for a rolling 30 day window!

    When I upgraded to WP 2.3 a while back I must have missed a setting. I’ll have to get that fixed later tonight when I get a chance. Thanks for pointing it out!


  10. says

    I’ve seen this before, but it’s still pretty hilarious! At least this is a lesson out there for all of those parents that are tempted to spoil their children with such things as driving a car at 14. Don’t do it.

    I found it more amusing than painful I think. I wonder what the ramifications were in the boy’s psyche. I know that I wasn’t feeling too super when I first learned how to drive manual and was presented with such public failure. And I didn’t even destroy anything!

    On another note, I noticed that you must be resetting the Top Commentators on the first of each month, huh?

  11. says

    Well, hell’s bells – I had a long comment about this right before that comment – the interwebs ate it! Ah well. I was just made very curious about this in regards to actual damage to the car, and to the boy’s social life (grounding? or what have you…) so I went looking for more info! I couldn’t find any, so I emailed the ‘producer’ of the film! I’ll let ya know if I get any answers! ;)

  12. says

    Oh my gawd!!! Wow! I was sitting here in a bit of shock, thinking how terrible that was – for the car and for the man. And then I realized, that poor kid – can you imagine how awful he felt in that moment? Eeeeks! Being fourteen was hard enough, I would hate to have to emotionally deal with something like that, too! Not to mention, they’re gonna give him shit about it for the rest of his life! Ha! Eventually, he’ll be able to laugh with them, but he’s gonna hate them for a few years every time they bring it up!

    I want to actually see the damage to the car – and know the cost, etc. And I’d love to know his dad’s reaction!

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