Smartest Man in the World Espouses Virtues of Eugenics

Chris Langan
John P.

Chris LanganChris Langan is the World’s Smartest Man. That’s not an opinion, it’s a statement of fact. Mr. Langan’s IQ is nearly 200. Oh, and he’s spent 20 years being a bouncer at a bar.

This guy has had a rough life. As a kid he was abused by other kids and even his step father because he was smarter than all of them were. And if you listen to this entire interview with him you’ll see why he’s kind of pessimistic.

In reality, it’s pretty easy to see why he’s this way. In addition to the fact that he’s been brutalized all his life, during the interview he points out:

“Smart people are vastly outnumbered by average people. Its the nature of the bell curve.”

Chris Langan IQ ComparisonHere’s another way to think about this. Think about how much smarter you are than a really, really mentally retarded person.

An average person’s IQ is about 100, and that really retarded person is maybe 65 for a measly 35 point difference. Well, the deficit between Chris and the average person is nearly 300% greater! Heck, the difference between him and a genius is as great as the difference between a genius and a retarded person!

Now, imagine if you were that much smarter than every single living person around! Actually, don’t bother. Your puny brain probably doesn’t have the capacity to imagine that… Damn. I guess I’d be bitter too. It reminds me of the movie Idiocracy.

Anyway, having said all that, one problem I’ve noticed with extremely smart people is that they begin thinking that their one brain is actually more powerful than all the other brains around them combined. And Chris falls into this trap during the final video when he begins espousing the virtues of placing genetic controls on “human breeding”.

Chris Langan:

People who wanted to have children would apply to make sure they have no diseases. Why do we have to do it through genetic engineering? Well, we have to let only the fit breed…. Freedom is not necessarily a right. It is a privilege that you have to earn. A lot of people abuse their freedom and that is something that people have to be trained not to do.


But who? Who does this training?

Chris Langan:

Well, I’d be perfectly willing to do it myself. Just put me in charge.”

Yikes! Pretty scary stuff. Sounds like the precursor to Nazi Germany, or something from a Borg episode of Star Trek.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

If you actually watched all the parts of this, did you come out wondering how someone who scores so high on tests that measure problem solving ability could score so low on ability to relate to humanity in general? Could it be that individuals with brains that are highly specialized in one area simply become deficient in another?

Because really, I may be a mental midget when it comes to quickly calculating squares and dots on an IQ test compared to Mr Langan, but I could teach him volumes about how to relate to society. It seems to me that his attitude is that since he is “smarter”, his opinions should simply be accepted. But frankly, I don’t believe he is actually capable of comprehending anything that I cannot. He may arrive at a conclusion quicker, but this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need to bring the rest of us along with him.

Oh, one last thing. Chris penned what he calls the Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe in 2001, subtitled “The Theory of Theories.” Man, I really wish he’d read my article about conservation of words. I skimmed through the whole thing and frankly I’ve never seen so many words used to end in no point whatsoever!

Official retraction (the first one ever! Yeah!)Due to some poor search results, coupled with poor research, and compounded by poor Web design, I originally incorrectly linked to Mr. Langan’s Theory of Theories. Seeing how this was in no way related to a model of the universe I figured it was crap! However, the real CTMU can be found here. So have fun.

Anyway, feel free to check it out you feeble minded little humans!


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    Thanks for all the comments everyone. But I’m sick of them now. Comments are being disabled on this post going forward.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    John P.

  2. Arnold says



    I wish you the same you wish me to the power of ten.

    Au Revoir,


  3. Nullbot says

    Nice job on the LOL avalanche again. Forgotten what I said about that already hmm? Goodbye and good luck with the real world, you will need all the help you can get if you manage to fail so miserably online. The mere fact that everybody in this entire thread has ostracised you is testament to your social retardation. And if you actually think you had anyone convinced that you didn’t look up those archaic words in the first place then you are truly more foolish then even I had you pegged as.

    I especially like your classy rebuttal mentioning that you don’t insult people and it is their fault they take it as an insult. Clearly your 12 year old classmates, along with yourself, fail to grasp the meaning of that word. Just for future reference, half of what you said above is meant to be an insult. You clearly use a dictionary when it suits you (coxcomb hmm? witty….), perhaps you will be sharp enough to use it again?

    I won’t feel compelled to reply to you again. I will chuckle to myself as you do though, as I know you are far to petty to not have the last word. I’m sure it’ll be a good one too /rolls eyes

  4. Arnold says


    History – Due Diligence of a person is very important in order for you to gauge the authenticity and applicability of their methods. I stated SOME my “accomplishments” NOT to impress you or others, but to IMPRESS UPON YOU and others that there is a “better” way..if you seek that and that is what you want. Assumption is that the person wants a life that they are happy, according to their values, wealthy in terms that they do not need to worry about money, et hoc genus omne.

    For me, exempli gratia, dancing and getting wet with dirty water on the streets of Panama during Carnival is NOT my idea of fun, but I have nothing against them doing it. On the contrary, they should do what makes them feel happy. Just because, I wouldn’t do it, doesn’t mean it is bad or stupid. I wouldn’t dare think that way. Live and let live.

    What I am against is (if) that person in that Carnival then comes to me and demands that I help them out, because they have no food, work, et hoc genus omne, for themself and their children. Why burden me with their personal problems? They knew they had responsibilities, why not tackle them? Of course, for the person that can do that and still remain independent…more power and respect to them.

    I like the gym (weightlifting) and boxing (regular and kick-boxing). I spend sometimes two hours per day in the gym and sometimes more. If for whatever reason, my “obsession” with the gym/boxing interferes with my ability to make ends meet, I must NEVER burden anyone else with my problems when I was the cause of my own “misfortune”.

    Is that immaturity or being a selfish person (as someone else mentioned)?

    It’s interesting to see what your so-called friends think of you between themselves. Of course, you see the duplicity when they want to take a trip to the mountains or go see a concert and money is an impediment. Who do they call? You guessed it. Now, why would one want to use people?

    Of course, I politely decline the “offer to help” them. All of a sudden, I am public enemy # 1, but yet between the “equals” they are friends, although none actually could or would help each other. Why such a “double standard”?

    Just trying to understand the “masses”….or are they like that to each other too?

    Well, Jeremy…we can argue whether “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” until the cows come home, but I think – je hebt de klok horen luiden, maar je weet niet waar de klepel hangt; it is widely stated by the Majority of the members of the Bell Curve that “sarcasm is the lowest form of humor”.

    To which I say: Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit only to those who have never mastered the art and/or those who always fall victim to it.

    Au Revoir,


    Monte-Carlo, Monaco
    PS. You can all me at my NY Penthouse and it will transfer to me in Monaco: 212-479-7990

  5. Arnold says

    Dear Nullbot,
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    Don’t do me any favors by posting your autobiography and addressing it to me: Just the omission of YOUR autobiographical book alone would make a fairly good library out of a library that didn’t have a book in it. ROFL LMAO
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  6. Nullbot says

    How can one be a “genuine” coxcomb when by definition it’s a faker? Seems to me you know those two words so well because they identify yourself perfectly.

    n 1: a conceited dandy who is overly impressed by his own
    accomplishments [syn: cockscomb]

    3. A vain, showy fellow; a conceited, silly man, fond of
    display; a superficial pretender to knowledge or
    accomplishments; a fop.

    Now who does that remind us all of? Oh wait, wasn’t there a guy who listed his big peni….I mean list of accomplishments earlier in this thread? What was his name again….

    You’re a clown. Now move out of mom’s basement, once you finish school (it’s important remember) and try to really do the things you have listed as having done.

  7. Arnold says

    Dear Nullbot,

    Yes! You are correct! Hope you live forever being correct.

    Now, but making a grammatical mistake while being an American is a sign of ….

    See if you can find out where you made the grammatical error, you almighty Lord.

    Have you noticed that I have NOT once stooped so low as to try to “insult” anyone. I have made comments and people TOOK it as an insulted.

    Sounds like the Black and Blond dichotomy…

    Fare well Mr. “Perfect”. You are so wonderful that one day a statue will be raised in your honor… You are a genuine coxcomb and a popinjay!

    If a homeless, fat, illiterate, UGLY, uneducated, unsophisticated and rebellious “person” from a third world country thought I was smart and great…it would NOT add anything meaningful to my life or as you so eloquently stated: to my ego.

    Mr. Nullbot, I admire you, because a modest and humble little person like yourself….truly has much to be modest and humble about. LMAO

    Have a good night….and NO checking ANY dictionaries…electronic or otherwise

  8. Nullbot says

    As for being glad you are not me; I think you are confused, it is everyone else here who is glad they are not you.

    “I have xyz qualifications. I make abc money. I’m better then you by virtue of having more stuff. blah blah blah” What a hero you are to us all. /bows

    You hear those laughs? They aren’t laughing with you….

  9. Nullbot says

    Way to many LOL’s. Laughing sheepishly at something you don’t find funny is a insecurity red flag. Checkmate, goodbye.

  10. Arnold says

    OK… All joking aside: I am sure all of us here want answers, despite our education, IQ or finances…and STOP with the name calling… LOLOL (I never did…by the way)

    As far as dangerous is concerned as “r” puts it.

    My experience: (Disclaimer; yours may be different)

    I have met intelligent people that are just “mean”
    I have met dumb people that are also just “mean”
    I have met educated people that are also MEAN as hell
    I have met uneducated people that are MEAN as hell.

    What gives?

    How does one AVOID these MEAN (=bad) people?

    What is the common denominator? I accept and will review ALL answers…

    I’m curious…to hear the experiences of others…not looking to disagree with anyone… lolol (I’m sure we all have better things to do)

    Greetings from Monte-Carlo, Monaco

    Au revoir

  11. r says

    Stupid people that are highly educated aren’t usually in a position to cause such catastrophic problems and thus are less dangerous.

    Huh? On the contrary. Stupid people that are poorly educated are, as Mr Langan points out, often in a position to cause catastrophe – CEOs of enterprise, politicians in government… these people have the power to cause catastrophes on so much of a wider scale. Langan appreciates this. I’d be happy for him to be in charge.

  12. Arnold says

    Pay attention to detail! it’s Arnold!!! Suffering from ADHD?

    Yeah, actually I had some free time and decided to have some fun, that is why I didn’t continue.

    Thanks, but are by your OWN ADMISSION, acknowledging that people on this board do not have a purported position? You mean “we” are all losers?

    By the way, what does a immense vocabulary have to do with complex of inferiority??? You mean all English PhD (or any other language) suffer from a complex of inferiority?

    To Neosapience [sic]: “I wish I could force you to trade places with a starving little girl in Dubai, perhaps that would open your eyes a little.” What? You want to FORCE somebody to do what YOU want? hmmmmm….

    As far as Dubai is concerned… Read this:

    If you are concerned with Dubai, please buy a plane ticket and go talk to: His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

    Love to stay and confabulate with your wonderful human beings, but I have business to attend to.

    Au Revoir,


  13. dave says

    it’s obvious albert is a phony, no-one in his purported position would care to waste so much time writing comments like those in a forum like this.

    back to the topic it’s obvious that intelligence is much more than what the IQ tests give you.. for instance, arrogance hinders the flow of the mind. IQ is good to know how strong you are neurologically, therefore affecting how intelligent you *can* be. but don’t forget that a car is more than its engine.

    i agree with the author of the article, chris langan overuse of complicated words makes me think he suffers from a complex of inferiority…


  14. Jeremy says

    After reading this thread i was left wondering whether anyone else noted the immaturity of Arnold – a self professed millionaire, philanthropist and by the sounds of it aristocratic royalty. You have not attempted to achieve anything other than the belittling of others, most likely to feed your own ego. You seem to require validation from others and i believe it is sad that you find it necessary to repeatedly flood us with list of achievements to do so. You may claim that profanity is a tool of the witless but you have no problems subscibing yourself to the use of sarcasm, widely considered the lowest form of wit.

    Perhaps you are a fine example that great intelligence does thrive at the detriment of other, more sociable traits.

  15. Arnold says

    John P. It’s OK. Maybe they really have something interesting to say… Have no noticed I have used neither profanity or derogative remarks? I want to read something “enlightening”, but so far I have only been the recipient of some harsh words…which I politely declined such “gifts”…therefore the remittent has kept them in his possession. LOLOL

    Seriously, I only confabulate with wealthy aristocratic individuals all day, so it is amusing to see how the “other” side “interacts”. I can use this in my book…or even movie…(more like documentary)…

    Keep them coming…it is making the book better and better….

    Met Vriendelijke Groeten,


  16. Neosapience says

    I’m not insulting, I’m stating the truth. If the truth hurts, then there is obviously something wrong.

    Do you really think that no one else on this planet works as hard as you do? Why is it that they don’t have the money you claim to? Every person that has more money than they are capable of earning, attained it by taking it from someone else.

    People should always help those that can’t help themselves. I can’t even believe that you aren’t capable of understanding that or that you don’t know how to “save lives”. I wish I could force you to trade places with a starving little girl in Dubai, perhaps that would open your eyes a little.

    The problems with society lie within society as a whole. Contributing to the problems will never solve them, no matter what you do. Technology is wonderful, but people always use it to capitalize on others, which ultimately negates any good it may have done.

    Personally, I can live without money. Do you think you’re talented enough to accomplish that feat?

    In the end, our intentions will determine the fate of mankind. What are your intentions?

  17. Arnold says

    Dear Neosapience:

    Charity begins at HOME!!!

    Now, must you “try to insult” others? Can you not debate things in a “civil” matter?
    Why should I, blessed with a genius IQ, endure and excel in all aspect of school/education (despite being extremely boring) and willing to work between 14-18 hours per day x seven (7) days per week, including holidays not earn more than an uneducated, dumb, lazy, apathetic person?

    I get up every day at 4AM and go for it as if it was my last day (someday I will be right- lolol). Are you insinuating that I should help those that can’t or won’t do the same? I should “share” the wealth?

    How do you suggest to “save lives”?

    Love to hear you SOP to save the world…obviously…mine suck!!! I only do new drug development and mainly in the biotechnology field to find pharmaceutical related cures not yet available for illnesses and diseases. Really SUCKS!!! I wished I could do more….maybe you can shed some light on my pathetic life…

    I await your inifinte WISDOM for an enlightened path for success, my ALMIGHTY SAVIOR….

  18. Neosapience says

    The fact that you have more than you need (and certainly more than you’re worth) proves you are nothing more than a greedy, egotistical liar. Anything you’ve done for other people has only been to boost your own ego and help propagate the delusion that you’re a good person.

    There are billions of people in this world suffering because of rich, greedy people. All time and resources wasted catering to fools like you could have been used to save SO many lives it’s unreal. But it’s ok, you helped out a few people here and there, so it’s all good in your eyes.