Smartest Man in the World Espouses Virtues of Eugenics

Chris LanganChris Langan is the World’s Smartest Man. That’s not an opinion, it’s a statement of fact. Mr. Langan’s IQ is nearly 200. Oh, and he’s spent 20 years being a bouncer at a bar.

This guy has had a rough life. As a kid he was abused by other kids and even his step father because he was smarter than all of them were. And if you listen to this entire interview with him you’ll see why he’s kind of pessimistic.

In reality, it’s pretty easy to see why he’s this way. In addition to the fact that he’s been brutalized all his life, during the interview he points out:

“Smart people are vastly outnumbered by average people. Its the nature of the bell curve.”

Chris Langan IQ ComparisonHere’s another way to think about this. Think about how much smarter you are than a really, really mentally retarded person.

An average person’s IQ is about 100, and that really retarded person is maybe 65 for a measly 35 point difference. Well, the deficit between Chris and the average person is nearly 300% greater! Heck, the difference between him and a genius is as great as the difference between a genius and a retarded person!

Now, imagine if you were that much smarter than every single living person around! Actually, don’t bother. Your puny brain probably doesn’t have the capacity to imagine that… Damn. I guess I’d be bitter too. It reminds me of the movie Idiocracy.

Anyway, having said all that, one problem I’ve noticed with extremely smart people is that they begin thinking that their one brain is actually more powerful than all the other brains around them combined. And Chris falls into this trap during the final video when he begins espousing the virtues of placing genetic controls on “human breeding”.

Chris Langan:

People who wanted to have children would apply to make sure they have no diseases. Why do we have to do it through genetic engineering? Well, we have to let only the fit breed…. Freedom is not necessarily a right. It is a privilege that you have to earn. A lot of people abuse their freedom and that is something that people have to be trained not to do.


But who? Who does this training?

Chris Langan:

Well, I’d be perfectly willing to do it myself. Just put me in charge.”

Yikes! Pretty scary stuff. Sounds like the precursor to Nazi Germany, or something from a Borg episode of Star Trek.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

If you actually watched all the parts of this, did you come out wondering how someone who scores so high on tests that measure problem solving ability could score so low on ability to relate to humanity in general? Could it be that individuals with brains that are highly specialized in one area simply become deficient in another?

Because really, I may be a mental midget when it comes to quickly calculating squares and dots on an IQ test compared to Mr Langan, but I could teach him volumes about how to relate to society. It seems to me that his attitude is that since he is “smarter”, his opinions should simply be accepted. But frankly, I don’t believe he is actually capable of comprehending anything that I cannot. He may arrive at a conclusion quicker, but this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need to bring the rest of us along with him.

Oh, one last thing. Chris penned what he calls the Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe in 2001, subtitled “The Theory of Theories.” Man, I really wish he’d read my article about conservation of words. I skimmed through the whole thing and frankly I’ve never seen so many words used to end in no point whatsoever!

Official retraction (the first one ever! Yeah!)Due to some poor search results, coupled with poor research, and compounded by poor Web design, I originally incorrectly linked to Mr. Langan’s Theory of Theories. Seeing how this was in no way related to a model of the universe I figured it was crap! However, the real CTMU can be found here. So have fun.

Anyway, feel free to check it out you feeble minded little humans!

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  1. Green_Treefrog

    “Smartest Man in the World Has Diarrhea of the Mouth”. First of all, what a lovely title. You dislike what someone says and you say “it is shit”.

    I think he makes some very valid points but I don’t think he is pessimistic considering what has happened during so many wars and through many bad regimes. He actually appears quite down to earth and balanced. But what he fails to see is that not all decisions are rational. Some are intuitive. In fact many big deals that make people rich are based on intuition. And therefore leaving things to the most intelligent people (where I assume that the IQ test actually is a good measure for rational intelligence) will not work.

    It would, assuming our society had a pyramid structure and all people were completely rational; however this is only partially true. Another point would be that smart people like Edison provided us with the technology that allows earth’s resources to be accessed and consumed faster. Had people have been even smarter they could have advanced faster than us and only the timescale would have changed.

    It is more our aggressive way of thinking, our lack of wisdom that is causing this problem. I see intelligence as a resource. Like any resource, if it falls in the “wrong” hands, there is a serious problem. But the idea of incorporating intelligent people (actually I should say of high fluid intelligence) into the decision making process does make sense. The question is just what about other intelligences? How do we measure them?

  2. Billco

    Actually one of the goals of eugenics is to eliminate the “Morlocks” entirely. Keeping them around is just asking for trouble, in addition to being inhumane.

  3. Billco

    Many things can affect an IQ score: mood, alertness/fatigue, overall physical health, nutrition (testing after a meal is a bad idea for most). You need to control as many of these variables as you can in order to get a trustworthy result. I wouldn’t worry too much about it :)

  4. Billco

    True, but spouting off wedgeless profanity and personal attacks certainly go a long way in determining what goes on inside yours.

    IQ tests are just that, tests. They’re not a tangible measurement, just a relative scale with no solid baseline. Just like any statistic, some people use it properly (in moderation), and others misinterpret its value and make rash judgements.

  5. Ammon

    Cornell Student—You’ve got it all wrong buddy. It’s not thanks to the smart people that our society is so advanced. It’s thanks to the advancement of liberty. People with high IQs have existed for thousands of years, but to what advantage? Only by and through freedom are these things accomplished. Why else has our society advanced so much in just 200 years? Ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things when not tread on.

  6. LazyS

    Suppose you lived a hundred years ago. How would you judge people? By their achievements? Or family origins? How well they wrote, or if they wrote?

    Why does a concept made up to measure intelligence as a single factor matter to any of us? That is more a matter of history and sociology than a pursuit of our true nature. I recommend reading The Mismeasure of Man and some Howard Gardener as an antidote to this obsession.

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  8. sb

    come on! no common sense? the guy is a bouncer for christ sake. I think he has plenty of ‘common sense’ and he obviously has plenty of book smarts too. this guy is the real deal. but the truths he speaks are just to painful for the the everyone is equal ‘baby world’. i say let the smart guys take over and lets tighten up the mothership before we sink..

  9. John P.


    Thanks for the notification on the videos. Occasionally YouTube videos are unavailable during maintenance windows and things like that, but they are back up and running in case you still wanted to watch them. :-)


  10. Paulo

    John P., Youtube says the videos are no longer available.

    Ugly American,
    about “that’s what scientists and engineers have done by giving advanced technology to politicians”, the example you gave before proves that the danger is not in the tools themselves, but in who uses it. Therefore scientists, as those that develop tools (technologies = tools), are not responsible for the danger their tools might represent, specially because they don’t “give” these tools to anyone, they publish them as their duty and as it might be useful for good purposes. The use of these technologies is society’s and politicians’ responsibility.

  11. Wiseman

    that guy is a f-ing douche bag-what i fascist narcissist. IQ tests aren’t everything. It can not determine what completely goes on inside your head.

  12. Jon

    I think everyone should be allowed the reproduce, but in Australia at least it is often the ‘less successful’ who reproduce the most. Thats what needs to change in my opinion. Everyone gets a shot and making someone new – but we should be taking more changes with the successful DNA than the unsuccessful stuff.

  13. Jon

    I was with you all the way up until your last paragraph – “There is no logic that can support these statements”. You must be uber smart if you have already assessed that it would be impossible to make a resonable argument for this blokes point of view. In regards to freedom, I agree with what he is trying to say (in my opinion) but not with how he says it. Creating a ‘free’ world is not easy. I doubt you or I would feel ‘free’ in a world of anarchy?

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