The Massive List of Genius – People With the Highest IQ

The other day I sat down to watch The Princess Bride for about the 10,000th time. Man that is a great movie! Anyway, when I was watching the part where Vizzini, the Sicilian, was answering the question as to how smart he is, he said: “Let me put it this way. Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons.”

So, I decided to mosey on over to the Interwebs and find a list of people with the highest IQ ever measured, and lo and behold I couldn’t find one! So for the sake of future searchers, I compiled the following information. Enjoy.

Background Info

In order to establish a baseline knowledge, IQ (intelligence quotient) is a score derived from attempting to measure the actual mental horsepower of any given individual. Personally I place little value in IQ tests, but I do acknowledge that they are an indicator of some common potential success factors, so we’ll leave it at that.

The “average” IQ is by definition 100, so if you score below that you are dumber than average, and above it means smarter than average.

Commonly acknowledged IQ Score Ranking System:


IQ Score Traditional Ranking System
140 + (~.25%) Genius or near genius
130 – 139 Gifted
120 – 129 Very Superior Intelligence
110 – 119 Superior Intelligence
90 – 109 Average/Normal
80 – 89 Dullness
70 – 79 Borderline deficiency
50 – 70 Mild mental retardation
35-50 Moderate mental retardation
20 – 35 Severe mental retardation
< 20 Profound mental retardation (1%)
IQ BellcurveThe distribution of IQ scores is as follows:

  • 50% of IQ scores fall between 90 and 110
  • 70% of IQ scores fall between 85 and 115
  • 95% of IQ scores fall between 70 and 130
  • 99.5% of IQ scores fall between 60 and 140
  • A score of 132 equals the top 2%
  • A score of 134 equals the top 1%
  • A score of 68 equals the bottom 2%
  • A score of 66 equals the bottom 1%

I’d like to stop for a second and inject a little philosophy before we go on. I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for intelligence. I only respect people for their actions. So no one should envy or emulate people on the list that follow because some of them are miserable human beings (like this narcissistic guy). Take Bobby Fischer as an example. He’s the biggest A-hole on the list, and I’d like to kick his teeth in for his comments about Jews and America.

The Highest IQs On Record

People Still Alive

From the Past

In 1926, psychologist Dr. Catherine Morris Cox – who had been assisted by Dr. Lewis M. Terman, Dr. Florence L. Goodenaugh, and Dr. Kate Gordon – published a study “of the most eminent men and women” who had lived between 1450 and 1850 to estimate what their IQs might have been. Data from that study as well as other sources around the net were compiled to form the following list. Please drop me a comment if you have additions or corrections (make sure and cite sources).

Also, see Wikipedia’s list of Universal Genius (Polymaths).


Now that you’ve read all about these really smart people, surely you want to know how you compare? Well, set aside a full 40 minutes and go through this test to determine where you are on the evolutionary chain.

Select the image below and the clock starts when the test loads, so be prepared in order to get the full 40 minutes. Trust me, you’re gonna need it! Oh, and if you answer “A” on every question, you get a 72! (a=72, b=65, c=65, d=65, e=72, f=72, g= 65, and h=65 – Only The Man would help you cheat on an IQ test!)

IQ Test
EDIT: I received the following e-mail from Mike, a former school psychologist of 30 years, regarding the validity of this IQ Test

…one of the better and possibly fairly accurate IQ tests (11/8/07) seen on the net. Two caveats: 1. This test evaluates visual spatial reasoning skills, and not verbal which some may say would be a bias toward guys. 2. This test does not assess processing speed and ability to make quick/accurate and perhaps more c creative choices.

For different view of intelligence away from IQ try: Theory of Multiple Intelligences

If it turns out you are a Genius, join a club! Here’s how to hook up with your intellectual peers:

By the way, why is it that most of the high IQ society Web sites suck so bad? And if I may inquire additionally, why is it that none of them have sections on their sites where they are actually teaching people by translating highly complex issues into understandable language?

Now, for the rest of us (I score just above a moderately intelligent canine, but just below a porpoise), you can just join the One Man’s Blog Society for the Incredibly Average. Believe me, we have a lot more fun around here.

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  1. Mike Fuller says:

    These comments are just a long dirge of factual information from unknown people and selfish information!!! A swamp of sad and pathetic egotism!!!

  2. Mike Fuller says:

    These comments are just a long dirge of facts from unknown people and information that merges into a sad swamp of pathetic egotism and unwanted knowledge!!!

  3. B SAJAN says:


    • Mike Fuller says:

      I’ve just scored 114 on this test. I think I.Q. Test Labs is about the most test on the web. I scored 124 on that. I think that is my I.Q. I have scored far more and less on other tests!!!

    • Mike Fuller says:

      I think I.Q. Test Labs is about the best and most accurate testing site on the web!!!

      Cheers – Mike

  4. Mark Rossetti/Hilbert says:

    X-Gm-Message-State: ALoCoQkEPSslQGXGWJ2uRmTsdb59lZt6BrDc8a19SvagoRZRwSqga2nqS0f8ylJKR5M9QYemc+UX


  5. Mark Rossetti says:

    MENSA misrepresented Wikipedia?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I know of somebody who scored an IQ 130 general 150 logical reasoning 1000 extension on fhe Wechsler Adult during 1988. It is the highest score ever recorded and you probably have a copy of this?

  7. Mark Rossetti/Hilbert says:

    Top 2 percent of population (98th percentile; 1 person out of 50; approximately IQ 130): Mensa International – as of January 2014, ~110,000 members from ~100 countries; annual dues for American Mensa are $70 (dues differ by country). Wikipedia MENSA close(d). Please check this.

  8. Mark Rossetti says:

    My IQ is 138. My IQ is 137 and fifteenth in Western History, Eastern aside.
    Symptoms of Psycopathy:
    -Empathy/Sympathy that can be turned on and off, the default state of which is off.

    Bruce Murrie
    President of the United States

  9. Bill says:

    Why aren’t people with high iqs translating current issues? You really don’t know? It’s staring you in the face, right now. Do you know WHY there are people starving in the world? Maybe you think it’s because say, there isn’t enough food? I hate to break it to you, but in about the last decade there have been WORLDWIDE net food surpluses in every year except 2007. What is there to translate? That the current distribution system has been allowing children to starve to death during surplus years? Frankly, the fact that the capitalist system is consistently failing billions of people a fact it may be, well…

    The problem in translating current issues is there is nothing to translate, just to get it through people’s thick skulls that there are an INFINITE number of possible distribution systems, not only Capitalism and Communism as the Elite would have you believe. And the current one is failing the health of our world, and not only that, but much of the surpluses we are producing by that means are simply being thrown away. This is an issue that has been going on for thousands of years, and frankly most caring people would rather bury their heads in the sand and believe what they are told to believe than face the cold, hard, uncaring, facts.

    Take a current event. Russia and the United States of America, toying with Ukraine and Crimea. Do you know that either way things go, the Elite would win? The only question there is how fast they would win? So here we have, a coup organized by the United States to prevent the Ukraine from getting along with one of its neighbours, Russia holding a referendum in Crimea in an attempt to maintain access to its only year round, functioning, ice free ports. The United States then doing everything it can that might trigger world war III. Do you think any country would roll over at no longer having a Navy? Or year round international trade?

    Now all this turmoil is happening, and there is no benifit. If the USA gains influence, the Elite win right then and there. If Russia gains influence, Russia is moving in the same direction as the USA… Basically current events right now are centered around inpatient narcisstic freaks who think “Let’s kill a few thousand people so we can have that pie in 2020 instead of 2070.” And then the US starts funding Neonazis…

    My IQ is 138. Why don’t I waste my time? Because I know that the only real progress will come when the masses realize who really has the power, and replace the high IQ lunatics currently running the show with people who actually care about other people. Imagine that. People who care about people running the show. Not people pretending to care, and then triggering genocide. Allowing people to starve in a world with more than enough food than we could eat, even with Western people wasting so much there is still more than enough…

    The fact is, nobody needs someone with a large IQ running the show now. What we need is someone with compassion and understanding running the show who also happens to be hard to trick. And that’s about it. Why waste my time?

    Symptoms of Psycopathy:
    -Above average intelligence
    -Impulsiveness (Can’t wait)
    -Empathy that can be turned on and off, the default state of which is off.

    Keep placing little value on tests other than life.

  10. PedroCRF says:

    I don’t believe that a 140-iq person would be a genious bc IF thats true I’d be a genious as well. I was rated 140-150 n I don’t consider myself a “genious”.

  11. RandomCollegeGirl says:

    hmm I got a 118 on that test, though I tested 144 a few years back… but vis-spat was my worst section – I guess I’m one of the classic examples of women who shouldn’t park …

    • Mike Fuller says:

      Hi ‘Random College Girl’,

      I am a poet. I have a Wechsler I.Q. of 124! I think perhaps a bigger reason for women’s lack of abilities at parking is their periods!!! I don’t know the statistical evidence though!!!

      Cheers – Mike

  12. Mark Rossetti/Hilbert says:

    mark hilbert 130 iq mensa pascal’s triangle The breath Amendment collapses.

    • Mark Rossetti says:

      Immanuel Kant and the Categorical Imperative 13th
      Mark Rossetti 15th

  13. Mark Rossetti Hilbert says:

    Pascal’s Treatise offers the relevant Iq:130.

  14. Joel alcantara says:

    I scored a 150. I’m 13. No wonder I never had any friends.

  15. MAX says:

    I GOT 140,

  16. Osama Gadour says:

    I got 127 on 16 deviation

  17. potato skillet says:

    I’ve always had a problem with the norming that free IQ tests do. It’s like they want us to think that we’re stupid. I’ve never taken an official IQ test, but I took a highly accredited Power Test which other geniuses today seemed to be obsessed with and found it to be a breeze. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying that I score like 190 on those and 120 on the online ones because I have no patience for terrible rigged, poorly designed crapshoot “IQ tests”. Might as well take all my salary and play slots.

  18. Svetlana Sonday says:

    My IQ is calculated as being 88, according to the IQ test on the top of this page.

  19. swirls says:

    Well. You sound about anyone with about 110-120 IQ. Regarding the scale for children, it might be majorly inaccurate cause of the difference on the intellectual part, cause of early/late development. Which essentially makes everything for a child getting tested.

    180 adult IQ on the other hand is by far less than one in a million.
    See a psychologist or whatever if you really want to find out I’d suggest.

  20. nadie importante, creanme says:

    I’m confused. I was tested with an IQ in the 180s as a child. They make it sound like a big deal here. My wife’s IQ is only about 10 points below mine. There must be another scale for children. Yes I got A’s, speak a whole lot more languages and play a lot more languages than most people but I’m definitely highly outclassed by people like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. Give me a break. I assume test scores are very different for children??

    • vicky says: have individual development and this way each one differently grows in brain and develop thinking and concentration so if you were tested as a kid having 180, it can be “only” 130-140 now being adult. the peers outclass a kid genius when they grow older, in puberty etc. kids are various and different, you know… if adult people would be hard to compare, then kids 3-times harder to compare…
      2.then there are different testing scales, wechsler, stanford-binet and catell. if you have 170 in catell then you have 144 in wechsler. (mensa for wechsler is 130 and for catell is 148). so if someone was tested as a kid 170 in catell, then you can be 144 in wechsler and if you now would be tested 140 in catell, then you are maybe 125 now.
      3. the results of those people having IQ 190 and living 300 years ago are totally a hoax, dont take me wrong, but tests were created only 130 years ago, somewhere around 1880-1900, so how can we know IQ of michalangelo or da vindi who lived 300-500 years ago???!?!?!?!
      4. take your test on, and find yout for yourself, the test is mensa value test

    • Roger says:

      To succeed in life talent is needed, but also hard work, focus, originality and luck, and all of these are equally important.

      There are lots of people with talent (high IQs), but missing hard work, focus (being specialized in a specific topic), originality (capability of thinking out of the box) and luck (something you cannot really control) will have much less success.

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