My Brand New Mega Yacht – The John P!

Those of you who enjoy the water will get a kick out of my most recent acquisition. You see, I decided that I wanted to pick up a little something to cruise around the Greek Isles with, so last week I bought this little baby and had my name plastered on the side of it!

I’m kidding folks. But this really is a Greek ship that my father (John P Sr.) snapped a photo of a while back, and we both get such a kick out of it that I thought I’d share.

SS John P
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John P.

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  1. Saim Baig says:

    Well there is no charges for dreaming.I wish i could have one someday.

  2. Rhoody says:

    Yes, The Dane,
    this one might be big enough for the San Miguel light supply, but wher do you stay ???


  3. TheDane says:

    Thanks for the warning on April fools day :-P

    Neato yacht there, I want a yacht named after me too… I better get back to work :)

  4. Brandon says:

    Oh, so does that just mean you’ll have a real good joke for April fools ? :p

  5. John P. says:


    I actually thought about waiting until April Fools day and posting this because I figured I could really sucker you guys in. But then I decided to just post it now…


  6. Brandon says:

    I was just like :O OMG, until I seen the “kidding” part

    I’ve worked at the lake a few summers, I know how much those cost and how much they cost to run, you have to be doing pretty well off to have a nice toy like that. :D

  7. That is so cool, John!! I’d have enlarged and framed! Heehee! Hey – if you see one that says ‘Lisa Marie’, snap a pic for me, ok? ;)

    There’s a street nearby here with our last name – if I was a street sign-stealer, I would’ve snatched that up so fast! Oh hey – I do have nice, new camera, though….

  8. Marcia says:

    dream on!!! ;)

  9. jokeman says:

    You can have it. To small for me :D

  10. ionutz says:

    heeeey, that’s mine ! :P

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