The Worst Haircuts of All Time

Bald Monk HairNothing draws attention to a receding hairline like a mohawk. But if that sounds bad, you ain’t seen nothing.

I was perusing the Internet tubes, as I often do, when I came across a photo of someone with what I imagined must be the worst haircut in history. It made me wonder why the hell anyone would wantonly sport such a hair style!

As I’m often prone to exploration on a particular topic I decided to spend the day seeking out the worst hair days I could find. And wow! I just want to know… where are these people’s friends?

Afro Hat Checkerboard Head Statue of Liberty Hairdo

Worst Combover Ever Criminal Halo Haircut Guy’s Ponytail

Face Shaved into Hair Psycho Killer Hair Huge Hair

James Brown in Prison Crap Haircut Jesus Haircut

Looks Better Bald Nick Nolte Pac Man Hair

Outer Space Haircut Peacock Haircut Reverse Mohawk

Balding Mohawk Bird Shit in Hair Soccer Ball Haircut

Finally, here is a little gift with purchase. This kid’s expression is just classic:

Bad Haircut

Still not enough for you? Phat Phree ran an article a while back called The 50 Worst Hairstyles of All Time. Most pale in comparison to the ones above, but its still amusing since it’s full of bad celebrity haircuts.

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John P.

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  1. Immz says:

    You should see what happened to my brothers hair. it now looks retared!

  2. will says:

    second row down, on the left hand side with the comb-over, is one of my lecturers. he works at the university of exeter – and he’s actually bloody good!

  3. Joseph says:

    today some lady cut my hair like a bowl!! It looks awful!! I think she really did put a bowl over my head. Plus in the back the hair just stops!! It is by far the worst haircut ever!!

  4. Hair Style says:

    haha nice collection ^^

  5. Rich says:

    Some of these are just too funky, and I don’t think anyone beats Nick Nolte’s hair, or will ever.

  6. del says:

    radical awesomness. Loved it totally wicked

  7. kim gallager says:

    Awesome! i love it!!!

  8. destiny says:

    i wonder how that lady got i her car after she got her hair done it was huge...!!!!

  9. K. Raj says:

    Weird hair cuts. I got a phrase for these weird people… “what’s in their head, shows on their head”. I do mean it you know. The way we think inside, usually shows up outside somehow in someway. These hair cuts are just one of the ways.

  10. Some of those are so funny! And the rest are just plain sad. Hahaha!

  11. J says:

    Very crazy hairstyles. Goes to show what people are capable of. Why would someone do this to themselves? The guy with hair shaped like a cap is funny

  12. Derek Wong says:

    Those are some pretty brave (or stupid) people! I’m amazed at some of the things that people have and will do with their hair. The only good thing is that at least these people went all out. Have you ever seen hair styles that are seemingly half done and end up looking even worse? Poorly braided corn rows and a smallish afro come to mind.

  13. TheDane says:

    Damn! Some bad hair days here LOL

    I had the long 80s-90s hair too, could not imgine doing that again…

    I need a haircut now though… not sure I am up for it after seeing these pictures


  14. John P. says:


    Well, that’s not so bad. Typical 80’s-90’s rocker style hair. Pales in comparison to the freakish hair above, so don’t feel bad. :-)


  15. BradDet says:

    I would be a hipprocrit, if I said anything. For several years in high school I let my hair grow and grow, it wasn’t until I seen a photo of myself, that I quickly changed my mind.

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